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Introductions are awkward. . .

which is why to save myself first-post jitters I’ll just bore you to death dive right into interesting chit-chat. You see I’ve always toyed with the idea of starting a blog, but thats all that it was – an idea – a far fetched one at that. Each time it came to mind I would brush it off with the 5 billion reasons I ought not to. The trouble with being an over-thinker! Buuuut… I guess the drive to go ahead and just do it (nike style) grew too strong to ignore; kinda like hunger pangs, going to keep persisting until at some stage you give in. So as I was saying, my reasons why blogging would be a bad idea:

My lack of knowledge in handling a website is astounding. It’s learning to walk all over again!

The fact that I have very little excess time on my hands. Go,go,go all day long. That said I’ll probably have very little ‘structure’ when it comes to posting 😦

Does the world really need another recovering blogger?

And I’m sure as you can deduce by know, if you looking for lots of pretty pictures this is not the place sadly. I think that is was my biggest turn off.

Well I’m sure you’re wondering that after presenting such concrete facts, why am I deciding to do it anyway. Simple. The reasons why I should seemed pretty powerful to me, enough to make the negatives a mere afterthought.

Firstly I cannot justify the fact that I suck at the computer. ‘Nuff said. Maybe not having a set blogging schedule wouldn’t mean the end of the world, and the most profound factor of all…there can never be too many blogs for those recovering from an ED I can say that much. The feeling of stumbling upon yet another someone that you can relate to is undescribable. Never mind that fact that I’ve come across ten already, it doesn’t take away the fuzzy feeling that makes me feel less alien and alone in what I’m experiencing. Especially if your loved ones cannot fathom your state of mind no matter how they try. There’s always someone out there at a similar stage in life as you are. Then they move on and you do too, and then there’s others where you once were; the cycle continues. And everyone I’m sure to a certain degree benifits from being able to relate to others in difficult situations.

If you hung around this long, thank you. From here on we can be bff’s 🙂


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