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It’s the little things

…like eating in company yesterday and feeling zero discomfort or anxiety.

…like making conversation over one meal and realizing I don’t need to zone out and savor every.single.bite.

…like silencing self-bashing “I’m-a-lazy-slob”  thoughts when taking some chill time instead of working.

…like eating a salad for lunch because that’s what I wanted…

and then following it up with a scone as I was hit with a  carb craving.

…like not stuffing myself silly with veggies before a party in order to feel too bloated and full to eat.

…like getting out of my comfort zone and attending said party and eating whatever I fancied which happened to be abit of everything. The best part; feeling much less guilt than usual.


I am a work in progress, but I am getting there. And every step in the right direction is worth a little celebration.

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