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WIAW structureless

As much as I always enjoyed checking out some WIAW posts, I was under the impression it wouldn’t be something that I could partake in. Besides my crappy photography it seemed too much of an effort to capture everything I ate in a day. After last weeks shinding I felt kinda left out so I decided to join in this week’s party, thrown by the oh so fabulous Jenn http://peasandcrayons.com


These are last week Thursday’s eats. Please tell me that it isn’t considered as cheating! I have very good reason mind you. 1) After reading up on a few WIAW’s last week, I was left feeling inspired enough to photogragh my meals. 2) It was one of those rare days where I was not madly hungy all.the.bloomin’.time. Seriously..my hangry days aren’t pretty and impossible to catch on camera. And it doesn’t help that junky foods satisfy me most on those days, which I think could be anxiety provoking for me to look back on.

These days I have no structure with my meals whatsoever. There’s no breakfast,lunch,dinner thing going. I’m just eating as I’m hungry.


I was craving hummus, cottage cheese and jam on toast so I went with it.. Missed my oats, but it was good002


Yogurt, banana, blue berries, cocoa powder and peanut butter003


Multi-grain wrap with avo, lime/black pepper tuna and a spinach salad mix. ( ‘scuse the bite)WIAW 002


Eggy oats, cinammon, almond butter and honeyWIAW 003


Chips and Lemon ginger teaWIAW 004


Roast butternut, yogurt mixed with coconut flakes, cinammonWIAW 005


Sponge cake and Rooibos teaWIAW 006

I’m happy that I’m at a place where looking back at a full day of eats isn’t causing me to freak out. I still sometimes find it surprising that my body is actually hungry for all this food. But hey, who’s arguing!?..eating is fun 🙂

3 thoughts on “WIAW structureless

  1. I think it’s fun to see how everyone has a different perspective. Sometimes I show what I eat on Wednesday (the last Wednesday?) but usually it’s Monday if I remember. Sometimes it’s a hodgepodge or random weekend eats and sometimes it’s just my thoughts. All the same, I love exploring the different pages!

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