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Intuitive eating: My take

Sadly I turned up too late to the great debate at http://www.olivesnwine.com/2013/12/19/intuitive-eating-a-blessing-or-a-curse/, but I had a blast reading up on everyone’s personal thoughts on this IE movement. Now I might as well confess that I had no idea that a) there was such a..diet?, fad? going on. b) that it is hot stuff in HLB land right now. I knowww! Credit that to very little time to read up on blogs so I remain very much in the dark about the latest trends 😉 . Of course I just have to voice my opinion.

I guess what I’m doing now could be termed intuitive eating. I did not read up any article on how to go about it, neither am I studying any book or following any challenge; I’m just eating. When I began recovering my first priority was: learn to honor my hunger. Coming off from an extended starvation period, it was the most difficult part of my recovery for sure. But my body’s signals became so overpoweringly strong and clear, that it was impossible to deny my hunger any longer. For the first 2 weeks desserts were all I craved. But I did need to put on weight urgently so I wouldn’t say that was intuitive eating, that was extreme hunger. However, in that period I still wanted my healthy breakfasts of oats/nut butter and I did crave veggies in between all the sugar and butter. Gradually with me barely acknowledging, the bedtime snacks of chocolate cake and ice cream wore off, but I was still having multiple treats a day, only not in large doses. At the moment I am still in the process of gaining, yet I am 110% sure that I do not crave unhealthy foods all that much. But that is more to do with my mindset changing that anything else. A little while back, the amount of treats I consume in a week nowadays would have been too much ‘junk’ for my ED self to tolerate. I’m saying a week because I do not eat or crave junk every day right now. I love pasta and pizza with a passion but I couldn’t imagine wanting to eat it every day. On Sunday I was on a pasta kick, had some for lunch and dinner. No big deal; come Monday that was the last thing I wanted, and for lunch I followed my cravings and had an egg scramble with veggies and rye toast. For a snack yesterday I had easy access to 1. chocolate 2. fruit 3. ice cream. I pondered for about a minute what sounded most appealing at the time, and lo and behold it was a bunch of grapes! In the evening I wanted a chocolate fix but I wanted something filling and comforting, not chocolate itself. A bowl of cocoa oatmeal with PB and honey made the perfect dinner. And that took only a couple of seconds to decide on. There are days that will have more carbs or fat than I deem suitable, but do I really know the exact work/repairs that my body is doing on that given day? I don’t believe that stuffing myself silly with cakes and cookies is the way to go..but if I happen to crave a dozen cookies in one sitting, then I’ll know there’s a problem. Whether it’s not enough sleep, under eating etc. a balanced body will not crave an insane amount of junk. This is what I’ve noticed from the normal people around me, who eat without restricting, stay around a stable weight and do not crave their favorite indulgent food all too often.    

I’m learning that the best way to go about things for myself is to not overthink it. Easier said than done but it’s what I’m aiming for. I’m not on a quest to build the perfect body, why should my diet fit some perfect standard?

This is my personal take on this, and it just goes to show how different everyone is.


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