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WIAW simple & satisfying

I’m showcasing the past Saturday’s eats, which was a rather interesting day following a night of very little sleep due to the humidity in the air. Think tossing and cursing turning, drifting off in slumber only to awake every hour. Hey I am in no way complaining..rather hot and sweaty than cold and wet..errr something like that.

Saturday morning I felt pretty awful though and since I’m not a fan of daytime naps, I spent the day like a sleep-walking zombie. Luckily zombie’s eat yummy food :-p

Huge thanks to our host Jenn at http://peasandcrayons.com


Overnight oatswiaw 003

After Alison spiked my interest with adding cereal for crunch, I decided to give it a whirl. Now that I’m looking at my pic it looks like I emptied half the box on top! Whatever it was fantastic. I had overnight oats after ages and it did an amazing job of filling me up till lunch..something that never happens.

Indian yellow lentil curry, avocado toast, brocolliwiaw 009

My Mom made some kind of fabulous lentil dish which totally hit the spot ❤

Grapes to combat the afternoon heatwiaw 010

Chips and Lemon ginger teawiaw 011

The obssesion continues. My day is incomplete without these buggers.

Roast sweet potato, yogurt, cinnamon, almond butterwiaw 012

Here’s a fun fact : I know orange sweet potatoes are very popular around the world but apperently a scarcity in my parts. We have white sweet potatoes in abundance here which I believe isn’t so easy to find elsewhere? I basically have been silently depressed and pining for a legit orange SP. When I spotted a mini bag in the supermarket the other day I literally did a happy dance.

Watermelon to cool down before bedwiaw 014

Wow it sounds funny saying typing that; ‘to cool down’ haha, when for so long we’ve been doing our best to warm up! Gotta love summer.

What’s your favorite season?


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