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Thinking Out Loud #3..with a bit of recovery chit-chat

I really wanted to get my recovery concerns out there, without missing out on the awesome party thrown by Amanda. What to do? I decided on doing a whole mish-mash post of sorts. Fingers crossed this kind of thing is legal 😉


1. Things are taking a stressful turn as off a few days ago. But that’s life. And while it has helped to remove the stress from my life recently, it’s time I learned to manage this monster called stress. Without resorting to any unhealthy tactics of course. It doesn’t help that I stress over every.little.thing. I have been eating fairly intuitively for maybe -2 months now (I’m terrible with keeping track of time), been in active recovery i.e eating alot, for much longer and I had always thought of myself as a stress eater. If the last few days are anything to go by, that clearly isn’t the case. I have felt less of a desire to eat than usual. I am eating yes – because I am getting hungry – but the appetite is not as ferocious as I have become accustomed to in the past months. I am not counting calories or following a meal plan, but by following my hunger cues I know that I have been eating close to the recovery amount if not more..until now that is. And I’m not going to lie to myself; I am indeed slightly relieved that I’m not so hungry but at the same time I’m not tempted to ‘restrict’ like in my darker days. I know full well that I haven’t reached my healthy weight yet – if clothing size is good way to go by? – so would eating less than an optimal amount be detrimental to me?

I remember a few weeks into recovery I was hit with a stomach bug, where immediately after eating I’d be hit with the most ridiculous tummy cramps. The answer was simple and something I could easily do (back then). Restrict. It was just three snacks that I cut out but after 2-3 days I was a back where I started.

Right now I feel too far in to fall into bad habits..restricting seems impossible from where I’m at. I’m not exerting myself through strenuous exercise either so I’m thinking I should just go with the flow and see where that takes me?

Thoughts? Similar situations?

2. Tomorrow morning I leave on a -8 hour road trip to a favorite holiday destination with some relatives. Bursting with excitement would be a major understatement..squeal with me? Eeeeeeee 😀BLACKBERRY 1054

3. Sadly we’re only going to be staying for about 3 days tops. Booo!

4. I’m a good traveller..airplane, car..I enjoy the journey. As long as I’m well fed 😉

5. You know when the most simple of meals you’ve eaten countless of times before tastes extra special due to some unknown reason? I love that! Like this yogurt bowl….

Plain yogurt, Weetbix, cinnamon, banana, peanut butterbb 002

6. I for one always bought into the old wives tale that men hated clothes shopping. Lies I tell you. I have a sibling who loves it more than I do, and I only happened to discover that today *shock*!

7. This week has been extra warm and I’ve been loving on the fruits. Which means I’ve been sporting a watermelon belly every.single.day wiaw 014

Alright I’m done. I’m sorry for chatting your ears off, I just had to get everything off my brain. That’s what Thinking Out Loud is all about right? Right.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud #3..with a bit of recovery chit-chat

  1. Stress can be a real appetite killer for me as well… Intuitive eating can be really tricky in recovery. Of course the goal is to just eat without thinking, but it’s difficult to put into practice when there’s still some point of our minds that takes pleasure in restriction. Without knowing too much about where you are in recovery, it’s not easy to say if eating less would be detrimental, but you should probably try to push yourself a little more to keep your intake up — maybe by choosing to eat foods that you really like and are less bulky and more calorie-dense?

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