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The body knows

I originally wanted to delve into some interesting factors on my journey and stay, away from home. But I feel I need to follow up with the latest on my appetite-issues. On the Friday after I put up the post, at around 4:30am, things took a drastic turn. I was planning to have a little lie-in till at least 7, but the hunger hit me like a ton of bricks. I made all sorts of promises – that I would eat the hugest breakfast ever if you just let me sleep body! – but the tummy growls just grew louder. I threw in the towel and breakfast was had at 5am..in bed!                   Yogurt, Weetbix, cinnamon, banana, peanut butterbb 002

With a side of coffee. I managed to get another hour of sleep in a sitting position after that :-p . I squished my slight anxiety at an early breakfast by promising that I would indeed be full until quite later. Not so. An hour later I was hungry. I sipped tea, tried to take my mind off by doing other things, you know in case it wasn’t really hunger. But when I realized that I was struggling to focus on anything, I knew I had to eat. I downed some chips and a piece of roll with cheese. Instead of it silencing my hunger, it seemed to ignite it. The exact same feeling when I was hit with extreme hunger in the beginning stages. Kind of like..you don’t know how hungry you are until you eat!? I thought I was capable of dealing with hungry days, but since this one came after quite a hiatus, it may have totally freaked me out. I am happy however that I basically find it too difficult to ignore the hunger. So I ate a gigantic raisin bun. And almost heard my tummy sigh with contentment. But my mind was having a field day driving me in a tizzy. Well how could it not? I had eaten half of my day by 9:30! It didn’t help that for the rest of the day my hunger was fairly constant, instead of disappearing like I expected. 

I did well though. I fed myself and did my best to move on. Because really, the only time I could move on was when I satisfied the hunger.

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