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A never-ending learning process

Just when I thought I’m more in tune with my body – able to pick up on hunger and fullness – something comes along the way that just proves how little mental awareness I have in regard to my body’s needs. And the drive of 7-8 hours totally threw me out of whack. Seeing that I last went on a lengthy road trip about a year ago, it’s not all that surprising. My first fears were that I would be sitting for such a long time, and I knew full well that despite not moving I would still be hungry. Thankfully the excitement for the journey and company was enough to shake me out of prolonged worry. I packed some favorite healthy snacks knowing that there were other fast food snacks coming along. I was secretly hoping that I would only want my healthy fare and not be tempted by anything else. Halfway through at our stop everyone dug into burgers and so forth. Meanwhile I had done quite a good job at making myself believe I wanted carrots and PB – because hello, that’s the kind of thing I do like and eat anyways – but the carrots tasted like cardboard instead of the sweet crunchiness I’m accustomed to and after a few bites I set it aside in defeat. There was nothing wrong with the carrots mind you. But I guess when you actually want a burger, carrots ain’t going to do. After 1.5 seconds of mental confliction, I had my burger and it satisfied me perfectly. I felt some mixed emotions; pleased that I had ended up having what I wanted, and simultaneously annoyed that it wasn’t the veggies.

Our holiday was no R&R, but a bumper to bumper fun-filled few days. Exploring as much malls as our time allowed, visiting fun parks and going on the most thrilling rides of my life ( think ‘human sling shot’!), there was simply no time to over think anything. Food choices were made in-the-moment, no planning out dinners because I’m concerned about getting in too many carbs. There was even one point where I gobbled down my lunch in a crowded food court! Yes, me..the girl who eats slowwwwly and dislikes eating in busy places was eating simply because the body needed fuel. The meal tasted dang good sure, but it had been a long exciting day, and it became more an act of getting something in my belly – than enjoyment – so I could continue mall-exploring. Looking back, it appears that on those days I’ve eaten quite abit more than usual, but it almost doesn’t seem that way because of how little thought I gave what went into my mouth.

 Eating is the answer      

The trip back was a bummer though. I had eaten a big brunch at about 11 and was on the road at around 3:00 in the afternoon when I was hit with a wave of nausea. I instantly blamed what I had eaten, even though I had felt fine earlier. Usually I would have reached for a snack around this time, but common sense made me decide that eating while nauseas is a no-no. A half hour later I wasn’t feeling any better, so I snacked on sweet potato chips. Amazingly the nausea left me after eating, but the chips didn’t taste as good as I know it to, which made me feel as though I was eating when I wasn’t hungry (something that I feel strongly against) :-/ . For the remainder of the trip I felt no hunger at.all. However, the nausea would arise every now and again, only subsiding after I ate. It was very confusing but I sort of settled into a pattern where I ate to what seemed to be my body’s way of asking to be fed in a messed up way. 

Does travelling mess around with your usual way of eating? If you aren’t hungry would you eat anyway if it was a particular mealtime?

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