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Thinking Out Loud #4

My brain feels like mush. Thank goodness for the TOL link-up is all I can say! This will also serve partly as a recap of my mini holiday.Thinking-Out-Loud


1. I love visiting new shopping malls.The vibe of a mall has a major impact on whether I love it or not. It’s almost like I feel an instant click if it turns out to be my kinda place. Same with bags, clothes and shoes; there’s that instant chemistry that tells you that’s the one. No I am not crazy :-p             

                                                     Waterfront mallBLACKBERRY 026

2. The hotel we stayed in BLACKBERRY 008


3. There are so many different froyo places around. My favorite unfortunately happens to be nowhere near I live 😦 .       German choc cake, cake batter, cinnamon bun, topped with Oreos/chocchip cookiesBLACKBERRY 033

Eeek, so good!

4. Since we don’t stock anything everything I like over here I made sure to bring back Roasted Almond butter (we only get the white almond butter) and Natures Path cereal (because our cereal variety sucks is limited).

5. I occasionally get these random little leg bruises that hurt like hell. I have nooo idea where they come from as I don’t recall banging myself anywhere – another of life’s great mysteries.

6. Why does snacking make thinking so much easier!? BLACKBERRY 001


I should probably get back to work right about now..Hats off to our host Amanda at http://runningwithspoons.com for providing an outlet when your brain feels like mine 😀

One thought on “Thinking Out Loud #4

  1. I feel you on the mushy brain — I woke up this morning not even sure what day of the week it was. But snacking has definitely been helping. I’ve pretty much been munching on something the entire morning, and I’m finally starting to feel like a person… 5 hours later 😆

    Happy Thursday, girl! And happy 2014!!

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