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WIAW no rules


I’ll be showing you guys Monday’s eats and treats. It was a good day solely for the fact that I ate as I was hungry without questioning how ‘healthy’ whatever I was shoving down was, or whether is was an appropriate time – these kind of days are few and far between. But I’m going to be grateful that it happens, right or left <-( the BFG by Roald Dahl!)? Right.

Yogurt, banana, Natures Path multigrain flakes,cinnamon, blueberries, almond butterwiaw 001

With a mug of piping hot coffee. What heat wave!? In sunshine or snow, coffee has to make an appearance at some time in the day. Breakfast hit the spot in the taste department..it did not do its usual job of filling me up however. I was set to do a grocery trip soon and we all know it’s never a good idea to buy food on a remotely hungry belly. 90 minutes or so after breakfast..

Roast butternut with some peanut butter

wiaw 002

It was the end of a PB jar – not so drippy 😦 . Yes I was sporting a little squash belly after this.

I do my grocery haul at one of the malls we frequent; lots of fun that way. Also not a bad thing when you in need of a pick-me-up, you have some good options

Chocolate & Salted caramel froyo on a sugar conewiaw 003

I know I said my favorite froyo franchise is a good 7 hours away..but I think I’ll manage juuust fine with this flavor combination around ;). I guess we could call this part 1 of lunch. It got a good bit of energy in my system and I got to complete a little Pilates routine when I got home. Followed by getting some work done before lunch part 2

Avocado, shredded chicken, sweet chilli sauce ❤ on toasted Rye. Side salad wiaw 004

A mug of Green tea to sip on. Yeah I realize I don’t bother to bring my drinks into the picture. Every now and then I will recall my love of Sweet chilli sauce and douse it on anything and everything, then letting it slip of my radar for a while…until the cycle starts again hah!

I tend to get carried away when I’m busy and ignore the slow building hunger signals until I’m ready to chew my arm off..or if I’m dealing with someone, bite their head off. Gruesome hey :p . When I get overly hungry I notice I get kinda shaky – my hands sort of vibrate when I’m prepping my meal. I suppose that isn’t normal? So to the rescue on Monday evening

PB & J toasted sandwich with a side of broccoliwiaw 005

Washed down with a mug of Rooibos tea. So I take it we calling this dinner?

Bedtime snacks –              Just my favorite chips in the world. Lemon/ginger teawiaw 006

Surprise, surprise! Bet you didn’t see that coming. But really how could a WIAW be featured without them!? The truth is, this picture captures the return after about 3 days sans BK bites. I know! Wait. I don’t. I didn’t really give it much thought because I was working on the potato chip stash my Mum had. definitely glad to be reunited with my true love though!

Icy cold cantaloupe and grapeswiaw 007

And that’s my Monday in food. Huge thanks to our hostess Jenn.. and her beautiful little chickpea of course!

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