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Thinking Out Loud #5

Random thinkers unite! No need to dig deep, full permission to make no little sense (I hope!), free rein to let those thoughts flow…let ‘s party people 😀


1. So many functions. So much time spent in heels. I don’t spend my days in heels but when I make the desicion to attend a do, it’s heels all the way. And it’s been one thing after another these past 3 months. Things sound quiet for the near future at least..fingers and toes crossed – my heels are all heeled out.  ToL 003  ToL 002

2. Stretching is one of those things I dislike making time for, yet love the way I feel when I get off the mat. Nowadays I try to get some stretching in immediatly after my walk on the treadmill. The weather may be lovely and HOT but I’ll stick to walks indoors thank you. I’ve had a sun-phobia going on since forever; I love sunshine of course, but I’d rather not spend too much time exposed to the sunlight because the thought of UVA/UVB damage disturbs me tramendously. That and the obvious sunburn; I burn easily dispite using high SPF sunscreen.

3. I watched an old favorite the other day..for the hundtreth time in my life. And I’m happy to report – it’s still my favorite movie – you just can’t beat an alltime classic ToL 004

4. I have a regular ol’ sweet tooth on me. Yesterday I had a mouth full of sweet teeth..where fruit just doesn’t cut it and you have to bring out the big gunsToL 005

ToL 001

5. …And if you’ve never had day old sponge cake topped with ice cream please remedy the situation by fixing yourself a bowl right.now. After your third helping you can swear thank me 😉 .

6. I love getting in a good exfoliating job once a week and these guys are just awesomeToL 001

Gives you that instant polished glow. As long as you are not too vigirous because then it’s the rashy, red look. Not very fashionable on skin! I should know….

7. After my first leg-waxing session I was told to exfoliate after 3 days. Buuut because it was the first time my legs were exposed to the hot wax my skin was quite bumpy the day after, and I am just too good at making myself an exception to the rule. So..I exfoliated. And took about 4 weeks to recover :-/

8. I am taking a bold move here and putting up a picture of myself. There’s a chance I may regret it. Before I end up talking myself out of it.. here goes ToL 002

Ok you can quit laughing! I know it’s not exactly a close-up but it’s still risky when you’re me. Yes I’m flying. Yes it was beyond awesome.

9. I’m all about food combining that hit’s the spot lately…

Avocado, Cheddar cheese spread, Berry jam on toast.

Avocado, Salmon/Chicken, Black pepper on any crispy carb (crackers, toast!).

Balsamic vinegar on salad greens – so.good ❤

Try them out and see for yourself!

Happy Thursday folks! Thanks to our host, the lady who made the most amazing birthday cake !! Head over to her place for some awesome random reads 🙂

One thought on “Thinking Out Loud #5

  1. Spirit! Oh gosh… It’s been -forever- since I’ve watched that movie, but it’s definitely one of my favourites as well. Today is actually going to be one of those ‘chilling-at-home’ days, so I may just end up whipping it out. And yes, I have a huge collection of kids movies… they’re one of my favourite things ever 🙂 Oh, and I’m definitely feeling you on the sweet teeth — mine don’t seem to want to calm down after the holidays, and fruit is having a harder and harder time satisfying them. I blame the chocolate cake 😉

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