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WIAW the hunger games

To start of this Saturday of yummy food, I’m going to rewind back into Friday evening..because that’s how many of my days go; strongly impacted by the way I end my previous day. The last thing I ate Friday were a few oatmeal cookies with Peppermint tea, about 2 hours before bedtime. I felt gorgeously satiated after that, but by the time I got into bed thee ol’ tummy felt a tad on the empty side. I hoped that since I wasn’t madly hungry I’d be able to fall asleep..buuut when an hour passed by, with my eyes stinging with exhaustion yet my tummy all revved up and grumbling now..I knew I didn’t stand a chance. So I threw together a yogurt/cereal bowl and called it good my lullaby. Well it certainly did the trick 🙂 . Moving on..


Come Saturday morning I didn’t wake up my ravenous self which was such a welcomed change. It also meant I could whip up a new favorite, CCK’S chocolate/peanut butter baked oatmeal. Because let’s get real here; between the time it takes for baking and letting it cool (SO important!), I’d be already gnawing my arm off if I was hangry to start with. While it was cooling my hunger was building up, so I sipped on tea 

Lemon gingerlemon ginger

Yes I do know that I can snack on something. However I am not yet comfortable with snacking before breakfast

Omitted added sweetener – topped with yogurt and berry jambaked oatmeal

So hooked on this right now. Well who wouldn’t like chocolate cake for breakfast? And when it’s filling and nutritious?                 Yes please! FYI: It’s really good with honey in place of jam too.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with veggies since it was all I lived off not too long ago. We talking monster salads which held every RAW veg under the sun and caused my delicate belly some serious discomfort. And yes I know many people enjoy big, raw salads. But right now it’s not for me. That said…I’m positive I do love me some veggies. And if the way I’m craving them right now means a packed veggie bowl, then so be it

Roast butternut, cooked beets, cucumber, hummus, avocado and a good shake of black pepperveg bowl

Followed up some time later with

Rye bread topped with almond butter and honeyAB/honey

Rooibos tea to go along. I’m sorry for excluding my unphotogenic tea 😉

The lack of sleep starting taking effect and I tried to get myself to shut off for an hour or so in the afternoon. But I should know by now..daytime naps aren’t for me. Or maybe I was just hungry 😉 ?

Often these days when Mum cooks up something I like, I have to remind myself that as I’m no longer in the grips of my ED I’m ‘allowed’ to eat food I didn’t prepare. Mum’s hearty chicken stew

eaten with a whole grain wrapchicken stew

Whenever I eat Mum’s meals I swear I taste the love it was made with <3.

Insert a random slice of watermelon before heading out to get some chores done.

I couldn’t believe how hungry I was when putting together what I intended to be my bedtime meal

Yogurt, banana, Natures Path multi grain flakes, cinnamon, overcooked applesauce and Peanut butteryogurt/cereal bowl

Yup the yogurt isn’t really visible. But it’s more fun when it’s covered in cereal anyway! This with a mug of decaf Green tea. My original plan was to make this a ‘little’ bedtime snack. Judging on the level of my hunger I knew that I had to abort Operation 1 and go with my instinct to make it big. I felt good afterward, but not satisfied enough – story of my life. For as long as I can remember I’ve abided by the rule of brushing my teeth as soon as I’m done with my last meal to prevent myself from eating more before bed; the taste of strong minty toothpaste is a huge turnoff. Well last night I rebelled against that hard and fast rule. I didn’t want to stuff myself silly though, so I waited 30 min… and as I was certain I was actually hankering something else, enter my lullaby for the night BKB barbecue

A big thank you to our host Jenn for bringing us together to celebrate the one thing we ALL have in common : we love food!

I go through periods where I feel that maybe participating in WIAW isn’t a good thing for me now..is it feeding my anxiety? But it has a major positive in the fact that I tend to make more of an effort in following my hunger cues and eating enough on a day when I’m documenting my eats for everyone to see. I’m not sure why that is…but if it means becoming less restrictive overall, I’m all for it 🙂 .

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