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Thinking Out Loud #7

Thursday’s are thee day for randomness; why?? a) as the week draws to an end, all sensible thought comes to a halt and our brains start to feel like..fudge! b) there’s an actual party for that very purpose where we can get our groove on and..errr…do the fudgy (!?) at Amanda‘s


1. I seriously need to consider packing up and heading to one of the icy places out there. Just so I can get my hands on some of the goodness that doesn’t come my way; Puffins, Starbucks, Trader Joes, Coconut butter, Lush products..I could go on but I’ll spare you the sob story.

2. When it comes to foot/hand creams I love playing around with different products, but with hair, body and face I’m especially wary about changing it up. I always eyed the Body Shop hair conditioners when I visited the store, yet didn’t want to commit to a huge bottle of something I wasn’t sure about. So I was very pleased when they brought out sample sizes

volume conditioner

This is the Rainforest Volume conditioner and I have to say, after a few washes I am loving it. I have fine, flat hair and it gave me a bit of bounce while keeping my hair light.

3. While we are deeply discussing body care, I’ve been told that having a specific lotion for the hands, another for the feet and yet a different one for the body is pointless!? I hate thinking of myself as being wasteful, or rather splashing out unnecessarily so I silence my guilty conscience by telling myself that by doing what I’m doing, my body lotion lasts longer so it works out to the same thing in the end. Right?

4. I’m waiting for Frozen to come out on dvd to see it. I’m hearing good reviews all around and I’m silently dying inside with anticipation. I absolutely adore Tangled and watched it a few hundred times so I know I’m going to love this7MVCAJ60Q7ACABCDGCHCAJBE2YQCAC77Z8JCALG7SA7CAYUBCQACA592YF8CAURGEX7CAWYLKRLCAK18M9HCAXS58KDCAD06WEKCA3Y1FBWCA4ZPTRJCA69EGIXCA0HCJ65CAXN1HH5CAL937MGCAHNE0C5

5. I had roasted broccoli and cauliflower the other day on a whim – tossed in coconut oil. I always used to go the steaming route. My goodness I have been missing out! While I do think steaming feels easier on my tummy, roasting takes the taste to another level.roasted broccoli/cauliflower

7. Ever stumbled upon a post by one of the amazing bloggers out there, finding it so relatable and inspiring, having so much of your own input to say about it…only to realize it was a year ago! Bummer. Me and my fashionable late reading 😉

8. Yesterday reached a high of thirty.four.degrees.celcius. I mayyy have said somewhere along the line that I’m less productive when it’s freakin’ cold. Well it seems that in sticky, humid weather I don’t want to do much anything either. I will not complain! But I just have to say that how is it possible I can sit all day and feel like I ran 10 miles. Ok not really…but close.park

9. Does anyone else seem to swell ever so slightly when it’s really hot. I’d like to think it’s that, because it would be rather ridiculous to believe that my legs picked up a few pounds overnight.

10. I have a huge confession: I have never eaten nut butter straight from the jar until…say 4 weeks back. I’ve always seen people do it – on blogs! – but I just couldn’t see the enjoyment in it. That is until that fateful evening, where absolutely nothing took my fancy I knew I needed to have something. I poured a mug of Peppermint tea, pulled out the almond butter jar and grabbed a spoon. Aaah bliss! Three spoonfuls? Three and half?…who cares!

For photographic purposes let’s play pretend. The banana isn’t there almond butter

11. It is actually not such a carefree process as I made it sound at no.10 but I’m doing a good job of faking it till I make it!

12. Someone is very chatty today hey 😉 …I recently broadened my knowledge on phobias and I just have to share these with you because I think it’s stupendously incredulous and it is further proof of our love of labelling:

Paraskevideka-triaphobia – fear of Friday the 13th

Cynophobia – fear of dogs

Arachibutyrophobia – the fear of peanut butter(!) sticking to the roof of the mouth! Say what?

Barophobia – the fear of gravity

Sesquipedalophobia – the fear of long words

Phobophobia – the fear of having a phobia <- I think I might develop this one anytime now

And with that..Have Phobiatastic day 😀 !!

10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #7

  1. 34C? Oh good grief, that’s hot. And I know -exactly- what you mean about feeling so much less productive and poofy on those hot days — happens to me as well. I guess it’s a good thing I live in Canada and we don’t have to experience too many days like that.

    Great job on enjoying the nut butter, girl! I know it’s kind of scary, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable treats there is. And it’ll definitely get more enjoyable with time!

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