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Intense Fatigue

It’s been 3 days. Three days of incredibly intense, mounting fatigue. I don’t know where it came from and how it got here. There were no warning signs..I was feeling pretty energised  – for me –  most recently and I was actually proud of myself for taking things in the right direction and moving a little every day, instead of taking advantage of feeling well and doing high energy forms of movement which has always backfired and leaves me sapped and sore. I’ve been getting in a decent amount of veggies and healthy fare due to my craving them (who doesn’t love it when they crave fresh, wholesome eats!?). So imagine my irratation surprise when on Thursday I woke up feeling physically drained. Not in I-want-to-sleep-all-the-time way either –  since I am basically unable to shut off in the day anyway – but a I-can’t-move-because-I-lack-the-energy and feel like lead kind of way. As they day progressed it got out of hand worse. I responded without argument by not doing anything ‘extra’ other than my day-to-day movement. Come Friday I felt the same..only 5 times more exhausted. The blood in me just wasn’t pumping. I *almost* feel guilty when it comes to the night and I can’t wait to lie in bed, aware that I have done nothing that day that could amount to such tiredness. I had to remember my promise to myself; that I would listen to my body, and if I had no problem listening when it wanted to move – regardless how slight – then there is no excuse to ignore when it needs rest. Well when the third day dawns and you go through it at an epic level of slow motion because dang, I just felt like complete ludjah <- made-up word right there but it sounds appropriate don’t you think? :p

I even brought up the possibility of low iron/anaemia with my Mum..something I think I could have if the color of my blood is in fact a sure-fire way to go by. The last few times I’ve got into scrapes and such, my blood didn’t appear a very convincing shade of red; almost a slight orangish tinge to it. Yeah I’m getting really descriptive about the shade off my blood..way to run off topic!

So as I was saying – before my blood came into the picture – how is it that I can be hit yet again with such a fatigue I presumed was exclusive to the beginning of recovery? When it runs on for more than 2 days it can be very challenging to keep calm inside, mainly because I believe I am doing everything right in terms of eating enough and not exerting myself.

Any advice or previous experiences will be greatly appreciated 🙂


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