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WIAW beating the evening bloat

I was always one to go on about how fast the time is flying by, so it comes as quite a surprise that this week feels like it’s dragging ever so slightly. In the same breath I feel like I’ve so much catching up to do and no time. Confusing much? Boy was I glad that my fatigue lifted a notch on Monday. It’s amazing how my physical state has such a major impact on how I feel mentally. Tired and sluggish = a lack of motivation in the brain department. I took it as a cue to celebrate.. by capturing Monday’s meals for What I ate Wednesday! Today we also happen to be celebrating the birthday of a very Special lady 🙂

After a night of crazy warmth which makes lulling off a tad challenging it was heavenly to dive into a bowl of overnight oats

made with coconut milk, cinnamon stirred in,  topped with blue berries and sliced almondsOvernight oats

With rooibos tea on the side. I love the texture and richness the coconut milk gives the oats! I use light because I’m not comfortable with the full fat but I am so in love I might never want to use regular milk again. This left me satisfied in the best way without feeling stuffed.

Showering must be a serious calorie-burner because without fail I’m close to starving afterward. So around 11:30 a snacky, lunchish sort of thing

tuna/avo salad, crackers, spinach mixtuna/crackers

I had like 2 tablespoons of sachet tuna left :(. I improvised by mixing in smooshed avocado, chopped veggies and a ton of black pepper ( I love crushed black pepper!). It turned out to be the perfect light meal for a hot summers day.

After some work I decided I had enough cool eats so I pretended it’s cold got the oven on for chocolate peanut butter oatmeal. I hereby declare myself an addict! Well why else do I suffer withdrawals when I go a day without it?

Omitted sweetener. Topped with yogurt and honey ❤Reeses cup boatmeal

I had a hot mug of coffee to go along. Yes it was insanely warm out! Who cares? I’m good at pretending. I usually make it with mashed banana but we only had one banana left, and as there was no talk of a grocery run I was set on saving said banana for overnight oats. How’s that for a thorough explanation 😉 . I skeptically brought out my homemade chunky applesauce. Aaaand… I like it even better! It resulted in a more moist, doughy texture! Big fan 🙂

I got so carried away with living life I didn’t pick up on my hunger signals again until it roared within me! I still had a few tasks to get done with, but my focus was totally out of whack. When I did break away I wanted something fast. Enter Mum’s cooking

Curried chicken with some veggiescurried chicken

Followed by a nectarine which got into my tummy before I could capture evidence. As has been happening these days – on and off – my tummy took on a bloated feeling as nightfall came in. I don’t know what my tummy has against darkness (?) but it only happens toward the end of the day.

Around 8:30 I could feel definite hunger; what do I reach for next? I didn’t want to provoke my clearly distressed belly so I knew anything on the lines of veggies were out of the question. I considered my options…. and went for chocolate and peppermint tea ferrero

When I started eating I realised I was actually ravenous but the bloat was messing up the ability to tune in to my hunger. Amazingly after the chocolate my tummy felt less uncomfortable and a little while later I got hit with the munchies. Bring in the lullaby as my last snack for the day BKBites

No surprise there 😉 ! It’s ridiculous how good I felt after a bit of processed fare entered my system. I’m not going to bother trying to wrap my head around that one. It is what is.

I think I’m making good progress in slowly but surely losing ‘the guilt’ that I used to associate with eating certain foods or honouring my hunger. I know I could be eating my words in a matter of hours so I am not going to say the guilt has left me well and good. Some days are better than others but I’m happy with the way I am moving along.

Head on over to join in the party at Jenn’s!

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