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Thinking Out Loud #8

And cue the randomness! It’s time to Think Out Loud with the sensational Amanda!


1. I’m sorry if you’re sick of hearing about my exhausted self because guess what?..I am dead.tired. So basically it’s been a week of varying levels of feeling physically and therefore mentally drained. I wish I could say that I’ve accomplished some great triathlon to be experiencing this..but the truth of the matter is I haven’t done anything of the sort. I kind of know that I need more sleep..only I don’t know how to go about getting it. It takes me awhile to shut off at night – my brain recently has been running all over the show – and I can’t exactly sleep in every morning. It doesn’t help that at sun up my body naturally tends to ‘wake up’. And the physical sluggishness makes me quite frustrated resulting in a less than pleasant mood!

2. Until I remember to purchase my dream jar or chest; this is my memory/happiness jar box

memory box

3. How do you respond to compliments? I used to think that I only get uncomfortable when someone refers to my appearance in a compliment, but just today I had someone compliment me on my eye for style and I felt..uncomfortable! I don’t thing that’s right..

4. I used to be a frequent visitor to my local library to gather up a huge pile of books for the months reading. When my workload got all kinds of crazy I stopped taking out books in order to “not have reading take up my time”. Stupid. But true! At my Mum’s insistance  suggestion a few days ago – in her words “you have to take time out from working and do things that make you happy” (love my Mum) –  I started taking out books again and I am loving it. Nothing beats being transported into another world.. and of course the smell of the pages! Gosh ❤

Library books

5. When looking through my choices I noticed that most of my reads were on the lighter, fun side. Which is ok ; life is serious enough as is 😉

6. I am in between pant sizes right now and it’s driving me crazy. On the one hand the  lower size is starting to feel snug.. it makes me anxious yet excited – that I’m moving in the right direction – in a breathless weird kind of way.While the size up still sits too big on me. No I don’t do belts!

7. It’s a good thing that most of my wardrobe contains pants in the size I am supposed to fit into 🙂 . It works as a great incentive.

8. Technology is not treating me kindly. Without fail it’s a struggle to link-up…and it appears that I failed in linking up my WIAW posts for both this week and last week ..unless my eyesight is giving in; I’m rather hopeful not! It’s enough to give me some major blogging blues though.

9. As a hard-core animal lover there are very few species I do not love with my heart and soul. Chickens happen to be them. I think the problem stems from my inability to communicate with them. Don’t ask me why I was am trying to communicate with the buggers…it’s a long story :p

10. In addition to being in a permanent state of exhaustion, my hunger is.constant. It does not make for a harmonious state… but there are worse things in life so it seems terribly pathetic of me to complain about being hungry and tired all the time.

11. As if on cue, my thought stream is starting to lose focus…my brain is conjuring up images of a concoction that contain yogurt and applesauce. Oh and nut butter. Maybe cereal if I’m feeling it.


Heck I better go eat! Happy Thursday 😀

Head on over to http://runningwithspoons.com to take a peek into what’s on everyone’s minds


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #8

  1. I completely lost my train of thought after seeing that last picture of your yogurt and applesauce mess. Want.it.now. I seriously can’t wait to get back to my own kitchen so that I can start enjoying some of my favourite foods again.

    And OH! Chickens! I can’t stand them either. They’re kind of cute when they’re all teeny tiny and fuzzy, but when they grow up? Eeee… freaky things.

    Hope you get some rest soon! I’m feeling you on feeling exhausted, but I’ve been running around LA for the past week, so I seriously need some time to just sit and do nothing.

    • Hahaa you too?..At least I won’t feel so bad on disliking the feathered critters :-p .
      Travelling is seriously energy sapping. On returning I usually feel like I need a ‘holiday’ to recover from the holiday!

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