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Thinking Out Loud #10

I swear Monday came, and “Poof!” it’s Thursday. Time to hang out with Amanda and let the randomness flow:)


1. The other day, as soon as I opened my eyes upon waking, my brain starting going on a mad scramble trying to figure out how long it took me to finish this chocolate bar hazelnut

Insane right!? I don’t even know how that came about, because I had the last few pieces the day before and I had totally forgotten about it. That’s what I thought. Sub consciously I must have been worried without realizing! And my poor still-in-slumber-mode mind was frantically doing the math on what day it was purchased. No surprise that I kept on bringing up the wrong date, freaking myself out further into the thinking I ate it all in 3 days.

2. I think it’s only fair that since our family dog has reached the golden years of her magnificent life, I should introduce you to her before she passes on. s.b

She is one of the most intelligent souls around..we’ve often discussed it and came to the conclusion that she understands English! I’ve got a lion cub puppy I’m bringing up on the sidelines..we don’t want to be in the situation where we’re dog-less. The little tyke is the dog version of a spoilt brat..it’s all that adorableness ❤

3. I was hoping I would not be tempted to change foot lotions on my last stock up and stick with the tried and tested..but I couldn’t resist Happy Feet

Rather chemically compare to my previous ones..but it works a charm in keeping tired feet soft and soothed.

4. I’ve read up on a few people who experienced greatly improved sleep-ability as they recovered..or after, I’m not sure. But darnnit I’m really waiting for that to happen with me. I’m grateful I’m not up half the night like old times, but I could do with an easier task of a) falling asleep b) staying asleep. While certain nights I’ve had to get up and eat something because I was actually hungry..overall I’m not a good sleeper since my ED. And I don’t blame you if you’re rolling your eyes now and going “girrl, you can’t blame it all on your eating disorder.” Let me tell you why I do…

5. I refused to accept that the many ‘issues’ I was having was down to being underweight. I always brought up a hundred other reasons why it wasn’t my low weight to blame. As I progress through recovery I’ve come to learn otherwise. Permanently blue/red hands that are icy-cold to the touch? ED..thank heavens that’s gone. MIA period? ED. Leg cramps in the middle of the night? ED..gone too:). A miserable year of insomnia? Partly ED I’m sure. Screw you ED! I want to sleep like the lazy normal teenagers around me.

6. My life has positively taken a turn after the purchase of my first bag of chocolate chips. I’m down to my last double chocolate chip muffin. I made it on MONDAY and I’m the only one eating on them!! *not gonna panic, not gonna panic…Tra-la-la* I think I had 3 yesterday..one with ice-cream! muffin&ice-cream

7. Another thing I made with chocolate chips (it’s illegal to get tired of hearing reading about chocolate you know):

CCK’S Cookie dough baked oatmeal topped with peanut buttercookie dough boatmeal

Mmmm that was really good. Make it!

8. I notice my outfit of the day tends to reflect my mood at the time of dressing OOTD

I’m feeling bubbly and optimistic today.. let’s hope that lasts for half the day at least ;).

Head over to http://runningwithspoons.com to partake in the fun!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #10

  1. I hope that you feel bubbly and optimistic ALL day! 😀 And I can tell you, at least from personal experience, that sleep DEFINITELY improves the further you come in recovery. Hunger is a b*tch, and you can often feel it without even realizing it. I know that when I started eating more and more, I started sleeping better. It seriously took eating way more than I thought I had to, though. It’s amazing how much food our bodies actually need to function PROPERLY. Of course we can function on less, but we’re definitely not doing ourselves any favours. When our metabolisms are healed up and we’re constantly putting fuel into the engine? BOOM. Life is freaking GOOD.

    • It has shaped up to be a pretty happy-go-lucky day surprisingly :)..chocolate and family time does that ;).
      Hmmm it all does makes sense..I need to trust the process.

  2. Yes to bubbly and optimistic – and was the last picture inspired by an e-mail ;)?
    Such a cute dog! What’s her name and how old is she? I get confused by dog years versus human years all of the time but still.
    Don’t feel bad about the lotion purchase: with that name on it I may or may not have gotten it, too.

    • Definitely by an email :D!
      We’ve had her since a pup from what feels like ages ago..about 10 human years (?). But we can see old age catching up :(.
      Hahaa who wouldn’t like Happy Feet right :p

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