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WIAW a good ol’ fluffy day

Saturday’s end was the start of Sunday’s story, which is the day I spontaneously decided to capture my eats for Jenn’s fabulous party. Let me tell you why (there’s got to be a reason for everything hey *rolling eyes*)…It took a lot of food (lots of treats) on Saturday evening to leave me satisfied enough to sleep. As a result I felt pretty crappy on Sunday. Honestly speaking I wasn’t dwelling on what I had eaten..but the way I was feeling made my mood plummet from the get-go. My legs were puffy, I felt tender and sore to the touch, and the previous day’s high-energy levels had me physically and mentally drained. By taking the day’s eats for my WIAW I knew I would be committed in honoring my hunger, instead of unintentionally restricting because of how I felt. 


No surprise and gladly welcomed; I woke up not hungry at.all and managed a little lie-in till 8.. I had no intention of ditching breakfast but it was so good to spend some time outdoors without my tummy eating its insides – Am I the only one who believes that occurs when I’m very hungry? About 90 min. later I felt ‘ready’ for my Overnight oats

made in coconut milk and yogurt. Cinnamon stirred through, topped with strawberry jam and roasted, salted peanutsOvernight oats

I didn’t think about lunch until hunger punched my in the stomach. Then it was basically “need food, fast”! Mum had cooked up a big Sunday feast which consisted of rice (yellow), a cream-based curry, spicy curried chicken and several veggie side dishes. It’s a favorite in the family, but I haven’t eaten it for like..4+ years now. I thought I should challenge myself to eat it all – since I know I used to love it – but honestly..I just can’t yet. I didn’t bail out completely however.

curried chicken/veg

I helped myself to the spicy chicken.. and those creepy-looking creatures is actually cooked baby brinjal/onion thing, which was delicious. This was amazingly flavorful and hot on the tastebuds..the freshness of the side-salad complimented it perfectly.

Followed by a cooling snack of watermelon..W.Melon

to cool down my pleasantly tingling tongue 😉 .

Sunday afternoons are for chilling..with a good book..and a snack to go with my Green tea

Butternut roasted in coconut oil, macadamia nut butter.roast butternut

Recycled pic. Pardon moi! I did use the exact same dishware so I’m excused.

I kind of slummed the day away, sticking to stretchy exercise pants and an oversized T..because it didn’t seem like the fuzziness was lifting anytime soon. An early part one of dinner – my tummy requested it

Multigrain wrap with smooshed avo, scrambled eggs and salsa. Broccoli alongsideegg-avo wrap

I’ve picked up on the fact the almost every single day – from about 1 month ago , no matter what I eat I experience a bloated/uncomfortable belly come evening. Sometimes I manage to ignore it because I have this notion that it will go away and it’s all ‘part of the process’..probably due to my increased intake. On Sunday night I came upon Tatum’s informative post which really got the brain-wheels turning and me thinking that perhaps my digestive system needs help due to it being damaged? Does that mean if I don’t take anything it will always be like this? Ugh I don’t know what to do really! I so badly wanted to get someone’s opinion at that moment on it..but I know there is no way I can talk to my family about it. Unless I’m willing to hear “You eating too much veggies.” <- no way, you can see that for yourself! What’s a lot in veggie terms for my family… *sigh*. “You are just imagining it because you are eating more now.” <- always get this one when it comes to recovery. They seem to thing I’m always ‘dreaming up’ my discomfort because I read about it (not so); never fails to make me slightly very angry. Digestive systems are so complicated to talk about anyway. Let’s talk about dinner part 2

Chocolate molten lava baked oatmeal topped with Peanut butterchoc lava baked oatmeal

This gorgeous creation would have missed me if it wasn’t for Miss P’s Good good reads (hope she doesn’t mind the savvy nickname!). I used chocolate chips and it seemed like I skimped; no pooling lava for me..booh! But it was glorious nonetheless. We talking chocolate and pb after all! I was incredibly pleased to find the bloated feeling leave my tender tummy after eating this 🙂 . Let oatmeal be thy medicine. Err, something like that.

An hour later I was readying for bed, about to brush the pearly whites when my phone beeped. A text message from my neighbour/sister :  “BANANA MUFFINS FRESH FROM THE OVEN. COME FOR TEA!” Uh, say what!? You’ve eaten more than enough already! There is no way you can lose yourself like this! But I don’t need to be in ‘control’. And I don’t want to miss out on some QT with my favorite big sister. I replied “I’m quite stuffed already”. I knew that was a lie though, and I kept on spinning back and forth on – that was the right thing to do!…No that was a mistake! My sister is just splendifirous really and she shot back “I’m waiting for you..ready for the hunger beast inside of you”. I would have been upset at that comment awhile ago..but now..bahh whatever, it is the truth. I thought about what the old me would do. The old me would be bouncing there in a flash, more for the laughs than anything else..and she’d eat without over thinking things. So that’s what I did. 

banana bran muffins 

A muffin with some Rooibos Tea while chatting with loved ones. Sleep came easily that night 🙂

Check out everyone’s eats at http://peasandcrayons.com

5 thoughts on “WIAW a good ol’ fluffy day

  1. Love the happy ending to your day – muffins and tea and chats, is there anything better? 🙂

    Am quite jealous of that watermelon too…. I find that getting a good watermelon is such a lottery – last time I bought one it turned out to be watery and tasteless so it’s put me off for a while.

    • The sweet & salty flavor it gives is to-die-for! I may have had that for breakfast a week straight..and then for dinner when it didn’t make an appearance in the AM 😀

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