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Thinking Out Loud #11

Aaahh Thursday 🙂 ! Just take a whiff of the randomness in the air! I am both gloriously happy it’s here and freaked-out (per usual) that yet another week has whizzed by. Amanda is hosting my favorite party today – where you can wear what you want, dance the way you like, and say what’s on your mind – a suitable time to let my brain contents explode 🙂


1. I’m sure we all agree that it takes a good amount of physical and mental strength in training and working out…to push for that extra mile, to move at a faster pace, to add on those few more reps that gets you burrrning! We get that high, we feel stronger when we push ourselves a little each time. For me that was what ‘strong’ was all about. I was only symbolising strength if I was doing more, if I was going at it harder. I believed that my ‘lack of feel’ was due to my improved stamina and fitness. But I never felt energised before a workout..niether did I feel exhausted afterward. Mind-boggling isn’t it? I was..to sum it up in one word – robotic. I think ‘rush’ I felt in my chosen sport masked my exhaustion. Sometimes I feel grateful that I stopped before I killed myself. Other times I feel depressed and angry at myself for ‘losing out’ due to becoming ‘weak’ due to my own doing.

2. But I am not a weak! That is just the stupidly negative, berating voice inside me. In fact I am trying to convince myself to see me as stronger than ever before. Strong enough to listen to my body and understand my limitations. As off right now I’m loving Pilates but its a continuous effort to keep in mind that the purpose of exercise (for me anyway) is not a means to sap me of all energy and leave me drained. I do not need to complete an entire session if I’m genuinely tired before that. There is no hard and fast rule to do all the movements, all the reps..rather than coming off the mat destroyed, I’m aiming to stop once I’m energised sufficiently. Where did this notion come from.. that if my choice of workout doesn’t leave me sore and breathless it’s a waste of time?

The principle of Pilates: Quality over quantityPilates

3. The days have been slowly shortening, but I swear every.single.day was a summers day..until today. I awoke to a mild, fantabulously marvelous winters’ day. Blustery, chilly and gloomily perfect!

Wintry weather

4. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Back to the depths of a heat wave perhaps? Honestly, our weather in this side of the world can be quite exciting. We don’t even go by seasons anymore. Actually waiiiit..we sort of go between two seasons. Extreme summer and extreme winter. Extreme winter being for me between 1 -5 C. I can assume I wouldn’t last a minute in Canada and where else 😉 !?

5. That said..I absolutely LOVE winter fashion. Boots, coats, jerseys, leggings..Fur (fake!), velvet, leather, knit. And layering! Ohmygoose I love layering; playing with different textures and patterns 🙂 . I was more than thrilled to pull on a coat today. Seeing everyone sporting theirs in the blog world had me pining big time.

Wintry wear

6. As a self-confessed baking disliker..I am shocked, yet pleased to announce that I have been embarking on an unintentional baking extravaganza. Yesterday marked my THIRD baking episode in ONE week. I made *pause for suspense* Flourless chocolate chip cashew butter muffins following Amanda’s foolproof recipe..of course simply swapping the nut butter.

Choc chip cashew butter muffins

So I grimaced and grumbled a little the entire time while making them. But the end result…oh so worth it!

7. I am slowly working on being mindful and living in the moment, instead of having one of those eye/heart-opening moments once in a blue moon . I’m one of those fascinating beings..even when I do carry out things un-hurriedly, my brain runs a mile a minute..thinking onto the next task instead of focusing in the ‘now’, rearranging my schedule to fit in things, constantly overthinking. Like as off now, I’m deciding to end this brain-flow because my mind is filtering through my mile long to-do list. Breath..relax..feel your fingers on the keyboard..absord the words on the screen. Yeah I should take up hypnosis.

You do not want to miss out on all the mental freedom I assure you – head on to http://runningwithspoons.com where it’s all happening

7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #11

  1. Extreme winter between 1-5C? Uhm… Can I come live with you?! Our extreme winters are between -30 and -45. This year hasn’t been so bad, though. Right now it’s -13 and it’s supposed to go up to -3 today — that’s like tee shirt and shorts weather 😀 At least we get to enjoy plenty of winter fashion… err… sort of. It’s kind of hard to look cute when you’re bundled up in 20 layers trying not to freeze to death.

    And there’s definitely strength in listening to your body and knowing when to call it quits instead of pushing yourself way too hard… especially for those of us who used to struggle with extremes like that. In a world that says “more, more, MORE,” you better believe it takes a lot of strength to say…. “enough.”

    • Yipes, I tend to forget that with such frigid temps you have to take layering to a whole new level! That said, I’ll start getting a room ready for you 😉 .
      Uh-huh..it feels like it takes a good amount of mental power to put on the brakes before my body breaks down..so to speak.

  2. We should be neighbours because I wouldn’t mind baking every single day. It’s my relaxation after a stressful day but can’t go through whole batches fast enough since it’s just me eating here.And freezing doesn’t work so well without a freezer .
    Talking about freezing: Can we swap places in winter? Or can I just move in with you? I promise I’ll keep the stash of baked goods replenished :).
    Your renewed definition of strenght is wonderful It takes a lot to go against what the media promotes – let’s not even talk ‘fitspiration’. But especially in recovery I think it’s important to connect our physique with our mind again by listening to what’s actually right for me. Like going against my mind telling me to hit the treadmill when all I need is a slow calming walk. It takes time and persistence but it sounds like you were doing great at caring for yourself.

    • That would work out splendidly..good company AND baked goods!? Can’t say no to that 🙂
      There is always homemade goodies around..but no one will make the recipes that I want unfortunately *tongue out*!
      What makes listening to myself more of a challenge is that it seems like I’m going against the healthy norm right now. But then I just remind myself that I ‘overdid’ it at a stage..so it’s balancing out.

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