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Five Things Friday #3

Ohmygoose it’s Friday *happy dance*! This week whizzed by (they seem to be doing that lately)… linking up with the lovely lady Clare at http://fitting-it-all-in.com



1. ALL THE SMOOTHIES!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I was never a smoothie/milkshake person. Three reasons a) not a fan of drinking my calories b) I dreaded working with our huge barbell of a blender (so.heavy). Ok that was only 2. But potent enough to keep me from actually trying. Well as off 7 days ago..my world changed. I discovered one of those pleasant mini blenders laying sadly in storage – Mum received as a gift a few months back – that I was ignorant of. And the persuasive Amanda developed a smoothie recipe  that includes all my favorite things, and it was practically haunting me into trying it.

used peanut butterchocolate smoothie

In the days to follow:

frozen mango + milk + cashew butter + cinnamonmango smoothie                                                       

 frozen peach + frozen mango + milk + cashew butter + cinnamonmango/peach smoothie

The non chocolate ones were refreshingly tasty, but I quickly fell back onto my first love!


Mum's chicken

   Mum gets the flavor spot-on with her chicken…      

macaroniAnd whips up the best mac dish in coconut oil.     

I’m doing quite well with going against ED rules and enjoying meals that’s made by Mum..with love.


Bread pudding

Bread pudding that is! So simple..so good. And no one makes it better than Mum ❤


smoked salmon cream cheese

Without fail, each time I would walk by the cheese section I would glance at the inviting tubs of cream cheese. A few times I hesitantly picked it up, scrutinised the label..then hurriedly put it back, a quiet voice reassuring myself that I’m better off with my ‘safe’ cottage cheese. I mean, with cream cheese I’d have to be wary of serving sizes and such jazz. Where with its distant fat-free cousin, I can relax. But the other day I was particularly enticed to experience living on the edge, and viciously plonked a tub at the till point before I could back out. A wise move. I’ve been loving this..on toast/crackers, smeared on roasted butternut and soon I’ll take the plunge and have it on a spoon. It’s that good.

5. OATMEAL – with coconut milk stirred in post-cooking

layered with applesauce and topped with cinnamon, cashew butter + honeyoatmeal

I have coconut milk in the fridge that needs using up, and I had this lightbulb moment on Tuesday morning to stir some into my oats once the cooking process was completed and I removed it from the stove. Love the creamy texture and hint of coconut..so you best believe there was repeat action for the rest of the week.


1. Dealing with an inconsiderate human “bean” in the AM sets a bad tone for the day.

2.  In a split second..your life can change forever.

3.  Do not attempt to jog from point A to point B in bedroom slippers. Ever.

4. Multi-tasking can work against you when taken to extremes. Brushing teeth, while walking to a neighbour – in pajamas – to return something, accidentally carrying the clothes I was planning to wear over my shoulder.

5. If by chance you mistakenly apply foot lotion on your hands..said hands will not transform into feet.


1. Getting absorbed in a fabulous book.

2. Listening to my tired body instead of trying to push myself to get some exercise.

3. Cooler weather.

4. Yesterday’s Thinking Out Loud party. I only managed to squeeze in a few reads..but it was enough to touch into the inner recesses of my heart, to inspire and uplift me.

5. Expressing my feelings.

                                                       Let’s hear it for the weekend :) !


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