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WIAW..it’s easier to just eat

The beginning of any new month is always a touch on the crazy side; the previous months work to complete..the new month to be set up. February, going in to March crosses the border into complete, candid insanity. In fact, I don’t know how I can be breathing steadily while typing this..let alone actually partaking in today’s party at  http://peasandcrayons.com. Well you know how it goes..all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Let’s pretend my name is Jack. And let’s play…with Sunday’s eats. The past Sunday transgressed against my normal ‘lazy’ Sunday, with all the catching up I had on my plate.


Busy days can be a blessing. For one thing, it helps me (not all of the time), trust my hunger signals. When I am doing nothing, I doubt where my hunger is coming from alot of the time. When my day is devoted to getting mathematical figures to balance and fitting in time to take care of myself, the last thing I want to make brain space for..is food worries.

Sunday morning I woke to a grumbly belly, but I had outdoor things I wanted to get done with..so I silenced it with fresh air. Of course it was near impossible to focus on what I was doing. To live in the moment…to truly appreciate the morning sunlight…to percieve the chirps of chattering starlings. My mind was too foggy from hunger. Once indoors I sipped on unpictured Lemon ginger tea while prepping breakfast

Oatmeal with yogurt, chunky applesauce, cinnamon, peanut butter and honey; inspired by Amandaoatmeal

I’m still not on board with eating a snack before breakfast, even if I’m close to fainting with hunger. I’m quite sure it’s partly to do with wanting to elude the potential chance of losing the anticipation of my favorite meal of the day.

With satiety comes productivity. Lots of paperwork later, I was planning on hitting the shower immediately but I couldn’t shake off the light-headed, unfocused feeling. Snack-time..

Chocolate smoothiechocolate smoothie

Another ‘Amanda food’! Once you try this..I promise you would crave one for every meal every.day as well. Then we can form a support group 😉 . Satisfied, I could fully enjoy the remarkably rejuvenating experience that a shower is cracked up to be. A simple act like showering used to be a tedious, torturous task that I wanted to get over with in a blinking of an eye, to save myself from remaining blue and frozen for life. So I could have gone in hungry and come out miserable, but I chose the easy way out..ate slurped..and moved on.

I very rarely eat take-out, passing up the offer when the family orders. I prefer making my own meals..or nowadays eating home-cooked food. But when Mum informed me we were getting take-out for Sunday’s lunch, I jumped at the offer because I really was hankering that sort of thing. To be more specific..I was craving white carbs. But we’ll get to that in a second. Lunch was taking looong to arrive..I was feeling faint and at the deadly ‘hangry’ stage. Showering is a crazy calorie burner you know?

Fresh figs to tide me overFresh figs

I changed my mind 5 times when deciding on my order earlier in the day. It was the classical argument of should versus want. I should have a protein and veggie combo, but I want a burger so bloomin’ badly.  

Grilled hake burger, miniature salad with crumbled fetahake burger

I have this ‘rule’ somewhere in the depths of my head that it isn’t suitable for me to eat an entire burger. That ‘freedom’ is only granted to males and athletes. But I knew after I had the first half, if I left the rest I would consequently have to deal with inner conflictions of:  I’m still hungry! But I just ate!  Well I had no time for that. I had things to do..important work-related contemplating to have brain space for. It was easier to just eat the whole dang thing..feel satisfied..and move on. Until I felt munchy again. 

Late afternoon snack

Gala apple and cashew nut butter with a mug of hot Green teaapple/cashew butter

Shortly followed by dinner, take one

Tortilla pizza a la’ Amanda I nixed the pumpking and spread some Hot Sweet Chilli sauce over the hummus. YUM!tortilla pizza

It’s not my fault the lady creates simple tasty recipes  that require ingredients I have on hand and appeal to me..and I end up living off them because they turn out pretty darn tasty. I can never seem to find canned pumpkin around these parts, so I usually cook some up before hand. I was not in the mood to wait so I left it out all together. The chilli sauce gave it a notch of extra flavor..I think I’ll always add it on this beauty. pizza

And I’m sure you can tell; I was in major need of a cheese fix. Cheddar to be precise. I’ve tried on several occasions to befriend Gouda or mozzarella..buuut it’s not happening.

Classical pb & j sandwich with unpictured Rooibos teaPB&J

I’m sure you are a teeny bit tired of ALL THE FOOD..I was tired too. But unfortunately I couldn’t sleep. Because I was still.hungry. My sister suggested the other day that I may have an anaconda in my stomach. For once I’d indisputably agree with her. The unplanned lullaby-s

Old faithfulBKB barbecue


Coconut jam tartlettartlet

It was unbelievably remarkable to hit that pillow and drift into blissful unconsciousness.

                                                                                                 Happy WIAW!


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