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Do it for your health

Its understood that we have to make the choice to recover for ourselves. We cannot succeed if our purpose of healing is for another… the incentive to pull through must come from within. I am not strictly referring to eating disorders; it could be the simple acknowledgement that the body needs to recuperate…that you are underweight…things aren’t in working order – all of which deserves dedicated care. Well, what needs to be done is understood, but there is a little matter of a persons mental anguish getting in the way. Very few are blessed with a perfect body image, many have strived hard to attain a good standing, and the rest of us are optimistically working toward a better place. We know that a healthy mindset is not going to develop overnight, ‘mean voices’ are not going to die down in a “Poof!”. Can you see where I’m going with this? We cannot prolong recovery or weight gain until we are mentally capable to deal with and accept it. How long have you been damaging/overexerting your body? Few months..few years? Don’t let it accumulate to one more day. The negative, berating thoughts are difficult to ignore, but look at it this way. We take on a journey of misery by restricting/over-exercising which in turn serves only to make us more miserable. That can easily be rectified right; eat more when you decide to at some point in life – if you don’t die first – and become happier etc. But did you ever stop to think about the permanent irreversible damage you are doing to your body? When I think I’m attaining some outlandish level of success by ‘controlling’ my diet…what is my idea of ‘achievement’? Is ‘achievement’ having brittle bones, a weakened heart and a body that cannot function the way it’s hypothetically supposed to, just because think that things are outwardly fine the way they are? This is what has been my driving factor most recently. My health. I have not done any scans or tests to enlighten me of what my bone density is like and so forth. But I can deduce – from certain daily movements – that my bones are quite delicate right now.. and it scares me.

I actually haven’t given my weight much thought these days…it doesn’t matter so much anymore. Who knows how I’ll feel about it in a week? Life is a constant change. I’m just trying to take care of myself.

vanilla ice-cream over a chocolate muffinvanilla ice-cream/chocolate muffin

Because, nothing is worth destroying yourself for.

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