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Five Things Friday #5

Cue the bestest day of the week! Doesn’t Friday just hold so much promise and joy? The end of the working week, the beginning of the weekend, and the day that Clare throws a smashing good shinding 🙂



1. CCK’s Banana pancakes with chocolate chips thrown in, for breakfast one fine chilly morning. I broke into my first bag of spelt flour since…I was born. That’s almost 19 years! Crazy I tell you.

Topped with crunchy Peanut butterbanana pancakes You want to make this. You might not know it as yet, but I assure you.

banana pancakes You know the kind of breakfast that goes down in history? This was it. We’ve got every.single favorite flavor of mine going on. And don’t tell me I’m forgetting the coffee. That was taken care of on the side 😉 .        

2. CCK’s Apple Pie pancakes for a weekday lunch.

Topped with crunchy Peanut butter and honeyApplie pie pancakes

Yup I was on what I’d call; a pancake groove.   

3. Toasted wholewheat English muffin. Smooshed avo, soft-boiled egg, black pepper. Berry jam and cottage cheese. Veggiesdinner part2

This week I’m a little unmotivated to get fancy or complicated with savory meals. It always ends up being a “spur-of-the-moment”, “whatever jumps at me” situation.


 Apple raisin oatmeal with yogurt stirred through post-cooking, topped with cinnamon and crunchy Peanut butterapple/raisin oatmeal

I failed to keep an eye on our banana supply this week. With a house full of monkeys it shouldn’t give me a hernia to come upon an empty banana basket when just yesterday there were a few. Yet every single time…I get a hernia. Figuratively speaking of course. The sight of a flawlessly perfect Starking apple in the fridge was a beautiful one to behold.


pastry cake

Remember how I hinted on how I’ve got Master bakers in my family. I wasn’t kidding. THIS just happens to be my obsession. I have no knowledge on it’s formal name but I can tell you that it’s heavenly. Soft sponge cake, with the bottom half enrobed in a rich, buttery pastry hiding a smidgen off apricot jam between. Enough to make me forget about mere formalities like what it’s called.


1. My idea of a savory meal is getting skewed. See meal no.3.

2. When you see someone suffering through their own doing with a matter you’ve been through yourself, you can lecture them as much as you want, but your words won’t be heeded until they fall themselves and decide to stand up on their own feet.

3. Everything has a way of happening all at once.

4. A mothers love is beyond understanding.

5. A simple chore can bring joy…if you live in the moment instead of just going through the motions.


1. Dry body brushing.

2. Stretching after a short treadmill walk.

3. A week of feeling far removed from ED thoughts.

4. DIM (do it myself) facial.

5. Clutching a hot mug of coffee on a cold morning <3.

5 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #5

  1. I think # 2 in your life lessons learned is a one I learned a while ago for myself really. Until someone is ready for that change, there’s not much you can do but support them. Loving the pancake action here!

    • Yes and it’s so difficult to accept, because you kinda really want to get into their brains and ‘make’ them see the light!
      Oh I can’t get enough of pancakes right now 🙂

  2. Diggin’ your blog. I wish I had started one like this when I was recovering, as it seems a great way to face one’s thoughts in a constructive atmosphere.

    Yes to many of these thoughts! Yes to whatever the heck that pastry is – apricots all the way! Yes to life lesson #2 – it’s so hard to be patient and objective when you’ve suffered the same. I have to constantly remind myself to consider the mindset I was in when I was struggling, and that mindset was certainly not one of taking advice, not even from people who knew what I was going through. I hope they pick themselves back up soon and you can put your mind at ease. Yes especially to stretching after walking! Good for the mind and the muscles, and always makes me feel a little like a ballerina.

    • YES to fantabulous comments like yours that make me smile 😀 !
      Blogging is the perfect outlet and I love that I can get my voice ‘out there’ when it feels like the peeps around me can’t lend an ear.
      Oh you said it perfectly! Back then I would heed no ones words..even though they were right. Now I know how others were feeling….
      Have a splendid weekend Sarah 🙂

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