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WIAW metabolism on fire

Here’s a fun fact: When I was younger I would pronounce it as me-ta-bo-lism. Just shows how little the word meant to me. Usually I decide from Sunday already if I would like to be present at the What I Ate Wednesday bash. Truth be told, capturing a days worth of eats is exhausting when you’re eating around the clock because your appetite is untamable. But after a time of missing the train I admit I suffer drawbacks..ultimately that is why I am here today showing you Tuesday’s eats and treats. Thanks to the renowned Jenn and her scrumptious chickpea for hosting the most popular party in blogland.


I know the extreme hunger phase should be over now..it probably is. I expected however to fall into a ‘normal’ appetite..3 meals, 2 snacks kind of thing. But not knowing where I stand with if I am completely weight restored – or rather at a healthy enough weight – and a hungry monster residing in my belly, I’m just trying my best to follow the cues. Hold the guilt, thank you. Hunger seems to be kicking in pretty soon after rising, regardless of eating a bedtime snack. I kinda fell off the Overnight oats train awhile back. Between having it for breakfast/dinner every day for 2 weeks, it lost its appeal. For now. That’s the deal with me. Eat something..love it. Have it every day or twice a day. Get bored. Fall in love with something else. At least we aren’t speaking about humans right, because that would make me quite shallow 😉 . Waiiit what were we talking about?…aahh yes…breakfast.

Banana oatmeal in a PB jar. Yogurt stirred through post-cooking, layered with cinnamon, topped with berry jamhot oatmeal in a jar

Warm, cooked oats have been going down brilliantly well. I had a almost not quite empty peanut butter jar on hand that I was dying to scrape out, and I am off overnight oats. What to do? Life threatening dilemma easily solved. Breakfast was had with a hot mug of coffee. A cold morning makes coffee all the more heavenly.


I had leftover tinned coconut milk that needed to find a form of employment. I’ve been adding a dash into my black coffee. A smart move if I do say so myself.

Yesterday was a crazy day. You know when you’ve got the day all planned out and things seem to be blowing out of proportion..by the way events unfolded, I ended up doing everything else except what I had intended to in the AM. -2 hours later I was forced to bring all productivity to a halt and adhere to my tummy’s demands. I’m getting better at figuring out what sounds appealing in the moment. No carrots when I want a cookie muffin.

Amanda’s chocolate chip muffin topped with vanilla ice creamsnack

Because we don’t need to be Math gurus to understand the simple equation;  “a really good on its own” + “a really good on its own but better with something” = a masterpiece 😀 . I baked up a batch of these beauties on Monday and used  1/4 cup Spelt flour instead of the oats – for no reason other than I was excited to further my blossoming relationship with spelt flour).

By noon I was ready to chew my arm off once more. Bring on lunch

Tuna/Avocado mix in a multigrain wrap, broccoli, orange bell pepperquick lunch

Before throwing the above together, I stood in the kitchen for 5 minutes, vacantly sipping a mug of Green tea as I tried to figure out what I wanted that would take little effort. In the mix: avocado, tuna, black pepper, paprika, squeeze of lime. To give it some oomph I smeared the wrap with Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce first. Pretty good!

Lunch held me over for all of an hour…snack

Gala apple, crunchy Peanut buttersnack- apple/PB

I would have liked for that to keep me civil for at least 2 hours…it’s a tad tricky to remain well-mannered on back-to-back business calls when there’s a “I need something” beast inside. Aahh well, snacking is in

Chocolate brownie cookies cookies

More precisely, CCK’s DOUBLE Chocolate Brownie cookies which I made last week sometime. The thing I’m learning with baking..the more I just do it, the less of an excruciating experience it becomes. And who knows..5 years from now it could be ‘therapy’ for me just like it is for the rest of the world. But in all seriousness..I baked with SUGAR! It was absolutely terrifying adding real sugar – which I haven’t worked with since forever – into something I was baking for myself. Freeedom!

Yeah I should just carry on with  the food and stop messing around.

Right! Dinner part one

Lentil masala thingy, carrots, lightly toasted whole-wheat English muffinlentil dinner

Mum cooked up my favorite yellow lentil dish so I couldn’t wait to tuck in. You know the kind of meals that make your tummy so happy it sighs?

-3 hours later and Dinner part 2 made its appearance

Yogurt, banana, Weetbix, cinnamon, applesauce, Peanut butteryogurt/cereal bowl

Take a wild guess on where I learned how to build a perfect bowl of cereal 😉

I felt satiated enough afterward, but between chatting with a guest and getting ready for bed – seriously, so much to do before I can sleep! I’ve often mentioned to Mum how fantabulous it would be to just say Abracadabra! and be brushed, flossed, cleansed, moisturised from top to toe and snuggled in pj’s in bed – I was ‘scared’ to go to bed with the possibility of hunger-induced insomnia hovering in my head. I’m worried about it developing into a bad habit, but for now I’m going to roll with a lullaby every night

Mini spinach pie and a clementinebedtime snack

Totally random, totally effective. Well I’d say it’s better than relying on sleeping pills. Not that I was of course *cough**cough*.

Is such a level of constant hunger normal?

2 thoughts on “WIAW metabolism on fire

  1. Though I am not an expert by any means, I would say that an increased appetite is normal for someone recovering from any type of eating disorder. When I was recovering from orthorexia, while at first it was difficult for me to increase my daily food intake, my stomach eventually adjusted and I would have days when I would be hungry almost all the time! Your body probably needs the extra calories to get back into a healthy state. Still, I am NOT a doctor by any means, so if you aren’t sure about it, I’d recommend asking a professional 🙂 Your meals look delicious, especially that lentil masala dish, since I love cooking (and eating!) Indian food. Those double chocolate muffins from Amanda’s blog look tasty as well–I’ll have to try them out at some point. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Please do not hesitate in sharing your opinion and experience..you said it perfectly, and I’ve considered looking at it from that veiwpoint, yet it helps tremendously when someone else can reassure me by saying that’s what happened with them too 🙂 . Mum cooks up the best Indian dishes <3. And yesss Amanda's muffins are fantastic!

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