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Thinking Out Loud #15

Awesome how Thursday’s have become synonymous with randomness thanks to the lovely lady who started it all, Amanda.


1. Deciding on the ‘perfect’ gift for a special someone can be quite the befuddling task. Well, once I had that out of the way I assumed the majority of brain work was over, I just needed to ‘grab’ a card to go along with it. Uhm..so much for grabbing. After reading back and forth through about 50 or so prospects, I glanced at my watch only to have it brought to my notice that I’d been card-choosing for 30 min. without making headway.


2. …I narrowed my choices down to 3 (from the 50!), then 2…and then I did “Ing-ding-dip”. I guess I should mention that on my return home it crossed my mind that “I should have taken the other one”. Bahh its hopeless!


3. I am contemplating rephrasing a certain few sentences or so (and perhaps add in a little more detail instead of coming across so inexplicably) in my About page of which I made a point to re-read just now. While -at the time- it was exactly what I wanted to say..I actually think it does not resemble the way I feel now. It’s incorrect to say “I am fighting hard”..it was a struggle back then…but I am sure I am passed that stage where I am ‘fighting’. I am living recovery – willingly, happily. Did you ever find it necessary to make changes to your “About” page?


4. Alas, peanut butter does not hold the no.1 spot solely in the nut butter crevices of my heart. Macadamia butter has won a share in the title a long time back, but sadly fell off the radar as my store failed to fill its shelves. I couldn’t resist doing a happy dance accompanied with high-pitched squeals of delight when I spotted it on SALE the other day!!!

Macadamia butter

Of course I hastily gave an explanation to the amused saleslady nearby 😉


5. After making acquaintances with a life-changing Apple crumble pie on Monday – of which I will showcase tomorrow, hopefully – I found myself having a sudden craving for it yesterday. An apple and nut butter would not do, apple oatmeal I was too accustomed to…I yearned something different. I instantly recalled Amanda’s Apple Pie Smoothie; a recipe at first read I was skeptical of trying. There’s no chocolate! There’s no banana! But then I didn’t want chocolate or banana for that matter now did I? I wanted Apple crumble pie. Aaand since that was out of the question – for now – I needed something that would satisfy my cravings before I turned rabid.

blog2603 006

6. Since I use a hand blender, I end up slurping my smoothies straight from the blender bottom (how iffy does that sound!?)…basically I’m sorry that I was more interested in getting it in my belly that taking a photo where you could actually maybe ‘see’ said smoothie. The Apple/Nut buttery flavor mingled with the spices and the texture from the oatmeal and yogurt made this one a winner. I used Macadamia butter and it lended an amazing richness!


7. I’m not the best at heeding advice from others, but I know a good suggestion when I hear read it. And I’m glad I decided to give Jane Eyre a chance as per Kendra’s recommendation. I think it’s fair to say I’m in love with the character that is the passionate Jane.

The Bronte Sisters


8. In one of my hangry moments the other day; where hunger grasped me out of the blue – dinner was still to be decided on and prepared – I snagged a handful of prunes to tide me over.

fresh prunes

I caught a glance of my reflection in the mirrored fridge doors while chomping away without a care, and I couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud; who was that girl having an impromptu snack on the run? I kind of really like her 😉 .


9. I used to call it ‘supper’ along with everyone else here, until I had read up the word ‘dinner’ so many million times on blogs, that without intending it I started calling it ‘dinner’ too.  Same goes for Autumn..brainwashed into calling it Fall! Talking about Autumn/Fall, we were thrown back into the midst of a heatwave after those alleged frosty mornings. But today has taken a turn for the cold – a high of 21C is chilly, I kid you not – and the next few days by the looks of it. Yayy!

                                      Happy Thursday Thinking Out Loud 🙂


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #15

  1. I love those changes that you’ve had to make to your About page 😀 That’s definitely a gorgeous sign of recovery right there. And it only keeps getting better from here! I don’t think I’ve made any changes to my page since I started blogging, but it’s probably something I should really get around to doing. Ugh. So many little blog tasks to attend to; so little time.

    And I know exactly what you mean about having the hardest time picking out gifts and cards… It’s the same way for me. And then to top it all off, it takes me forEVER to actually write the card…

    • I think as you evolve..you read back somewhere and it’s like, Is this me? Am I still what this is all about? Most definitely a cause for celebration, Thank you 🙂

  2. I have a hard time picking out pretty much everything! lol My husband is the same way. I will sit and debate on a card or gift forever. Erik picking out his wedding ring was quite the experience…thankfully he took the guesswork out of my ring. I even sit in the grocery store with my Points Plus calculator and will punch in the numbers to EVERYTHING then sit and debate if it’s worth putting in the cart… it’s a problem.. what’s worse? I’m STILL an impulse buyer..

  3. The card section in stores is such an overwhelming area!! Perhaps it is just a marketing scam–they are trying to get you to buy as many cards as possible because you can’t decide on just one…Who knows?? That’s why I usually prefer making homemade cards instead, so I don’t have to spend hours sifting through the huge selection of cards at the store, many of which aren’t very creative anyway. I am SO glad you are enjoying Jane Eyre so far!! Isn’t it a fantastic book?? Sorry, I get a bit excited when discussing literature 😉 I have only tried Macadamia nut butter once, but it was quite delicious. Unfortunately, the price is a bit steep for me to buy it on a regular basis. I have definitely made changes to my “about” page in the last couple of years–after all, my interests, goals, and passions have not remained completely stagnant throughout the course of my life. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Cards are one of those things I’d rather not splash out on often..but given my lack of creative genius, it does came in handy.
      I wouldn’t have opened the book again if it wasn’t for you! Thank you 🙂
      Yesss we are constantly evolving..and that’s a good thing. Take care ❤

  4. I have been wanting to try Macadamia butter for AGES. It looks absolutely heavenly. I’ve only ever seen tiny tiny jars for like $12 over here, and I just can’t make myself pay that much. And yes, I think updating your About page is great.. it shows that you are growing and making progress!

    • Funny thing: over here, Macadamia butter is just a tad more pricey than peanut butter, yet wayyy more decent than both Cashew and White Almond (which isn’t as good as the dark roasted IMO). But yes it’s amazingly rich.
      Now that I know I want to make some changes, I just need to get it done! So much to do..haha.
      Oh, and since I have zilch knowledge of the dollar to the rand.. I wonder how much would $12 be in rands..

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