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Five Things Friday #6

Can someone please tell me where this month went? How can it be the end already!?  Good thing it’s Friday, so I’d rather not worry too much, and instead join  Clare‘s  party 🙂



1. Laura’s Custard porridge

Topped with crunchy Peanut butter and Berry jamCustardy oatmeal

I was familiar with adding egg whites to my oatmeal and loved how it pumped my favorite grain up, but I had silently acknowledged that I would never throw a whole egg into the mix.. because, how savory does that sound?  I remember when I first spotted the bowl of creamy goodness on Laura’s blog, with a promise of a recipe to come. Oh how I counted down the minutes hours! And then it calls for an egg, yolk and all. I did my best to look past that…at the outcome..creamy, custardy oatmeal. I was not disappointed. This made for a heavenly breakfast. I actually felt satisfied afterward 🙂 ! And that’s coming from a human with a hungry monster residing in the tum.      


Toasted wholewheat; berry jam and cheddar cheese. Smooshed avo, soft boiled egg, black pepper. Cukes, sautéed spinach.quick lunch

Curried chicken and cheddar toasted sandwich, veggieschicken/cheese toasted sandwich

For a while, bread had fallen off my radar due to a loss of memory craving it. This week marked its joyous return. Yeah I’m still all about the quick meals.

3. Mum’s salt&pepper chicken, steamed sweet potato clothed in paprika, mixed greens.Mum's chicken

Mum get’s the spices right. Every.single.time ❤


apple crumble

I happen to be an “Apple crumble expert”. Not at making it, just to clarify. At eating it..and rating, I excel. The above was the best apple crumble pie to grace my tastebuds. Along with the creamiest vanilla bean ice-cream. Can I get a YUM!?

5. White basmati rice (cold), yogurt, cinnamon, banana, peanut butterrice snack bowl

She made me do it! I was adamant that I did not like rice (amusing how I ‘decided’ on this theory after not eating it for about 5 years), but after seeing it a few times on Spoons I was intrigued and enticed beyond words. Gosh, it gives a yogurt bowl such a lovely chewy texture..I am admittedly fan.




1. Almost everyone prefers to communicate through emails with business queries these day. And I still find a telephone call to clear matters up more precisely.

2. No matter how impatient, no matter how hangry..never eat an under-roasted potato.

3. I despise it when people jump to conclusions.

4. When I jump to conclusions it doesn’t seem half as bad.

5. I was lying to myself all along…I am not immune to feeling embarrassed.


1. Seeing the emotional joy in a loved ones eyes on receiving a gift.

2. Mum/daughter coffee date.

3. Waking before my alarm, feeling refreshed.

4. Spending time bathing my pets. <- the heatwave has its good aspects!

5. Having something exceed my expectations.


6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #6

    • I was so excited to find an apple pie that I loved! More often than not, they would be ‘not as good as their appearance’ to my fussy tastebuds :p .
      Yesss, morning energy rocks 🙂 . Have youself a gorgeous weekend lady 😀

  1. Yay for cheese and jam! Such a good combo… people around here think I’m weird for doing that. Thank you for proving that I’m not totally abnormal. And life lesson #1 = so true and so frustrating! I know that there’s certain times that emails make sense but THAT IS NOT ALL THE TIME!

    • Cheese and jam was an all-time favorite a few years back. I am so thrilled to have re-introduced it again (after getting over stupid cheese fears of course 😉 ) . Oof, they don’t know what they missing out on hahaa!

      Yeaah..I end up sending emails back and forth to clear a misunderstanding that a 5 min. call would have gotten sorted, you know. Glad you get me on that – I am not an old fuddy duddy..we’re just logical 😀

    • I’m still in shock that I enjoyed rice so much! It figures that dressing it up sweet would win me over 😉 . Yesss that porridge rocks 🙂

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