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Thinking Out Loud #16

Another day, another bazillion moods thoughts. What makes this day special? The simple fact that it’s considered virtuous <-(go with it ok) to Think Out Loud, regardless of how unintelligible or insolent we sound. Hats off to our hostess Amanda 🙂


1. I’m aware that I don’t need to explain myself, but I feel it incorrect to just drop Monday’s little episode without another word. Here’s the deal: It seems like it happened a lifetime ago, those “I can’t do it anymore” internal phrases have disappeared and I’m doing okay. 

                                                                                                       picture sourcebooppoofbegone

I’m still in charge of my highly demanding ‘job’ and it looks like it’s going to be that way for awhile at least. Keeping a cool head is going to be an ongoing task in itself, but I’m hoping for the best.


2. It recently dawned on me that my so-called favorite snack – which was not so long ago a conquest in terms of “not labeling foods” – had turned into my safety crutch.   BKBites 006

When that savory cravings hits in between back-to-back breakfasty sweet meals, it’s my go-to. Instead of going for a nutritious mini meal that I know I will enjoy more, its chips I turn to, to satisfy my salty tastebuds. And I noticed that it had become a habit, wherein I was not even thinking if I wanted something different. So with the intention of breaking that ‘rut’, I’ve been experimenting with a variety of wholesomeness, such as this pretty plate:

weet potato wedges roasted in olive oil, broccoli, Roasted red pepper hummus. So good!snack plate


3. And I’m loving it so far. No I am not ‘preventing’ myself from eating chips..but by shoving it into any random ‘savory craving’ it was losing its appeal. My tastebuds began searching for something more satisfying. Do you know what else I’ve come to terms with? I do care about what I’m putting in my body..not obsessively all the time nowadays..but because I want to take care of myself with good nourishment (which includes plenty dessert 😉 ).


4. Maybelline Baby lips finally made an appearance at one of my frequently visited stores! I may have cried out of happiness. And then I had to be literally dragged away before purchasing all the flavors…because I need to have money for food you know. And while cherries and peaches sound yummy, I’m not too sure about consuming them in the form of lip moisturizer. I ended up going for the Fresh Mint..the spf 20 as an added bonus was the deciding factor!

Baby lips- Fresh mint


5. I’m unlucky in love. Before you get the wrong idea..I’m referring to “stuff” – of the food kind no less – not other beings (even though that wouldn’t be a total lie either, but that’s beside the point). Whenever I grow to love a certain brand of nut butter, or bread, or wraps, or cereal, or even intend to purchase a new-to-me product that I’m quietly crushing on (uhm, coconut flour will you please stop playing hard to get!?) it’s suddenly out of stock/sold out/waiting for a new shipment to arrive. Like hello! No fair!


6. Oh case in point *lightbulb moment*: The other day on a trip to the nearby supermarket for some chilly day necessities – chocolate, bread, broccoli, in that order – I planned to finally and bravely pick up a bar of Lindt Chilli after seeing Miss P giving it an esteemed show on numerous occasions. Well whaddaya know..hot stuff chickened out and didn’t show it’s face. At least it wasn’t me this time. So I did the sensible thing; and went for an old stand-by…

Lindt milk hazelnut


6. Reading before bed is dangerous. For the past few nights I’ve been getting tucked in at a sweet time..only to have my intended 15 min. of reading turn into an hour. Oh and last night was stupefying! I got ready to transport myself to La la land after hastily closing Jane Eyre when I realized how late it was. But sleep remained far out of my grasp..until I had completed that astounding encounter with Mr.Rochester!  


7. And my very agitated, grumbling belly is signalling the fact it isn’t too pleased that I’m postponing breakfast to ramble like a rolling truck. Wait, do rolling trucks ramble? Or do rambling trucks roll? Bahh nevermind. Happy Thinking Out Loud 🙂

8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #16

  1. I have the same ‘problem’ with getting sucked into -some- books, but I consider that a good thing — life is better when there are good books in it 😀 It’s been a handful of years since I’ve read Jane Eyre, but I do remember it being a good one. And ugh! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with something only to have it suddenly become super popular and sold out. Back in the day, before it got really popular, I had that problem big time with Greek yogurt. I had to madly stock up and stalk stores whenever I needed any. Thankfully that’s a thing of the past 🙂

    • Ohmigoodness now that you mention, I clearly recall your Greek yogurt drought! Not.fun..for someone who lives off the stuff 😉 .
      Yeah I suppose getting sucked into a book is a rather good problem to have 🙂

  2. Every time I find a favorite product that seems to always happen to me to! But take it as a good thing because it will make you pick up something new you might not have in the first place !

    • You speak words of truth, even though its not easy to see the silver lining when you are madly in love with “that” brand of Crunchy peanut butter hahaa. However, I do recall a few instances where I was pleased with the alternative 🙂

  3. Reading before bed -is- dangerous. The ‘few pages’ intended turn into a chapter and – if it’s an absorbing read – another and time flies by at lightning speed. But it sounds like I should probably pick up Jane Eyre as one of my next reads, too?!
    And in case the Lindt Chili decides to stage a comeback at any of the supermarkets around you: give it a try! Thank me later ;).

    • I just finished Jane Eyre, and while it does drag on, it is an absolutely brilliant read. It had me tearing toward the end! You should totally give it a go!
      I will certainly be on the lookout for the Chilli bar..you know, the moment something goes out of reach it becomes more appealing 😉 .

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