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Thinking Out Loud #17

If it wasn’t for Amanda’s get-together I would totally have no idea what day it is. Except I’m not too sure entirely, having been randomly formulating this post from Tuesday. How utterly befitting; since randomness is allowed celebrated today!



1. For some unknown reason to man, I have become particularly fond of the word “befitting”. Why, I cannot imagine! Wherever I can throw it in, whether it sounds sensible or not..it is befitting.

 picture sourceCrazy


 2. I had an outrageous encounter this morning with a pair of red skinnies I recently purchased. I had been meaning to obtain something of the like from quite some time ago but failed to get on it. It turns out that a “70 % off sale” banner was sufficient to ignite my want. Being in a hurry, I snatched a pair without bothering to fit it on…because really, it was ON SALE! It is befitting to say that I am positive I will not be wearing the esteemed red skinnies again. Talk about the most unflattering, uncomfortable cut ever born! I stood at the mirror and I was like, “How did I grow ten butts overnight?” I’m sorry..no thank you.


 3. My cravings in the evening are ridiculously random (from what they used to be). I’m starting to wonder if I’m lacking something…phosphorous? Copper? Lead?  Pudding was had for supper last night, followed by


A plain tortilla (so doughy, so good) and some highly suspicious-colored cucumber slices.


4. Oh and another slightly astounding craving: cheese and butter!  Together. Yep that’s right. Two sources of dairy, two forms of saturated fat..and mind-blowingly yummy. From refusing to associate with butter to consuming it with cheese..how did that even happen!?


Another random supper to satisfy those cravings: Toast with crunchy PB and blackcurrant jam. Crispbread with butter and Cheddar. Broccolirandom supper


5. I was all sorts of excited to be pulling out the fleece pj’s with the arrival of a few days of sudden winter ( I wasn’t kidding when I said autumn and spring misses us entirely), only to be sweltering once more in 26C humidity. And of course being the rebel I am I decided that a heatwave calls for baking :p

choc chip muffins


6. Am I the only human who has not mastered the art of egg cracking? At least I’m not cracking it on my feet. Yeah it happened; once!  However, it still remains a duty which requires me to clear my head and breath deeply before undertaking.


7. I need some clarity on a baffling piece of information. How factual is it, that meals should best be not had with tea due to tannin or something inhabiting the absorption of nutrients? I tend to enjoy most meals with a mug of decaf Green or Rooibos tea on the side.


8. The brain fog has settled in so I’m going to end off before I start rattling out gibberish. Happy…what day is it? Oh right, Wednesday..but since this is Thinking Out Loud (which is tomorrow) it must be Thursday.  Aha! Happy Thinking Out Loud 😉

10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #17

  1. I get some pretty random cravings as well. The other day I had steamed mixed veggies alongside a chocolate smoothie because… well… I just really wanted mixed veggies 😆 And ditto on the confusion over the days! Most of the time I seriously have no idea what day of the week it is, and constantly writing posts for “tomorrow” doesn’t help!

  2. Oh I get totally random cravings too! Sometimes I have a meal planned out and change it completely to satisfy my need and they end up being the best decisions made of the day 🙂

  3. I’m eternally trying to figure out what my body’s lacking whenever I get a weird craving. Sometimes dehydration makes me go crazy on clementines or other watery, sweet things. Other times my brain just demands some chocolate chips. I say huzzah to embracing the weird combinations: butter and cheese might have been scary in the past (for me, too), but if they’re gonna bring in some essential nutrient then they’re your friends and allies today!

    Clothing regret is the worst. I bought a pair of corduroy pants because the color was gorgeous and I could just barely squeeze them on – forgetting, of course, that corduroy doesn’t stretch as the day progresses! A day of not being able to sit or crouch comfortably has got me declaring my legs, and not the pants, victorious. Someone else can cram themselves into the red skinnies and midnight blue corduroys of the world. They aren’t worth the effort!

    • True that. In some way whatever food we are consuming, its bringing in nutrients. Its so interesting and befitting that you crave “watery” things when dehydrated!
      Oh yes, we shouldn’t have to put ourselves through either mental or physical discomfort for an item of clothing. Unless we talking heels of course 😉 .. or maybe that’s just my twisted anology !?

  4. Buying an item without try it on has happened to me before too. I think it’s the thought of being overwhelmed by the sales—Sales in our minds just mean saving and we are willing to make a quicker decision on a sale than a regular purchase. What do you end up doing with the items you decide you do not want? I just end up giving them to someone I know who would put them to good use.

    My latest cravings have been eggs- eggs with EVERYTHING! How do you think they would be in a smoothie :/?

    • Eep! Now that’s a thought..if you do try eggs in your smoothie please report back 😉 !

      Yeah there’s always someone else who will make use of it.. even though by the shelf-full of the pants in the store I’d say not many was a fan.

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