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Five Things Friday #7

You know you really, really like something if when being away you suffer withdrawals. And boy did I yearn for the joy that eminates from this party. Thumbs up to one of our favorites – Clare 🙂



1. Baked sweet potato topped with tuna salad and avocado chunks. Mixed spinach salad.sweet potato- lunch

 Guys guys guys! I literally passed away on the spot with happiness upon finding orange(!) sweet potatoes on my turf. The tuna salad comprised of: tuna (duh!), roasted red pepper hummus, mashed broccoli and black pepper. I tried them orange pots <- do you know some humans nickname “potatoes” that!? – dipped in nut butter and in savory dishes and have concluded that I’m not a fan of allowing them the honor to cohabit with my nut butter (white sweet potatoes excel in that department). But in savory meals? Yes, yes, yesss!    

2. Toasted English muffin half with smooshed avo, baked butternut, eggs scrambled in coconut oil, steamed broccoli, spinach salad.random lunch plate

In yet another bid to please 101 million cravings at once, I resorted to placing random things on a plate and calling it a meal. Hit.the.spot. The addition of sliced onion and ground garlic to the eggs amped the taste up a hundred notches. And the obligatory coating of black pepper on everything of course!

3. pudding

What do you have for supper one night when your tastebuds are drawing a blank? Mum’s love in a bowl bread pudding  🙂

4. Eggs scrambled with onions and garlic in coconut oil, topped with sliced avo & black pepper. Mutigrain wrap, broccoli.scrambled eggs

So there was abit of a -scrambled- egg obsession going down this week.

5. muffin+ice cream


A freshly baked chocolate chip muffin topped with vanilla ice cream. Good stuff.


1. My brain contents will not – on its own will – dispose itself into a post. I’ve been having something playing on my mind for a few weeks now, but its kind of stuck in there. Until I’m able to say “out with it” – nothing doing.

2. I’m not as bad with kids as I thought. My evil reputation is crumbling 😉 .

3. A little while after entering the office I need a bathroom break. A sure indication that I’m due for a holiday from office-work. Yeah it’s astounding how I came to such a conclusion!

4. One of my biggest fears in life: running out of my favorite body moisturizer.

5. Doing several things at once does not make me more productive. It does drive me to lunacy however.


1. Filling my lungs with sharp, fresh morning air.


2. Applying hand cream that smells like honey.

happy hands


3. Daydreaming; so vividly it *almost* felt real! I don’t ever recall having the ability to daydream!..and it happens on the daily now.

4. After a day of mostly sitting I had a flow of restless energy running through me. I resolved it the perfect time to bust out my usual Pilates routine, but a little while on the mat and I knew it just wasn’t what I wanted at that time. I needed something that would get me feeling pumped and fired up. A few intervals of skipping (jump rope) in the late afternoon sunshine did the trick.

5. Tearing at the sweetly sad turn of events toward the closing chapters of a book ❤ .


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #7

  1. Ohhhmygawsh that bread pudding is making my mouth water. I remember my now-husband coming home to stay with my family over Christmas during our freshman year of college and he insisted that we make bread pudding for Xmas dessert. Still one of the best desserts of all time. And #4 life lesson – I am totally there with you. Some of us are not multitaskers and are much more efficient working on one thing at a time! I can’t stand how our society seems to demand that we all be multitaskers. Sorry, rant over! And not having moisturizer is a crisis indeed!

    • Eee yesss! It marvels me how bread pudding can be so simple yet so good! Mum is always whipping up a bowl every few days 😀 .Your husband knew his stuff 😉 .
      The problem with me is that I multi-task too bloomin’ much – to the point of; I forget when’s the last time I did any ONE task at a time.
      Glad someone else understands the preciousness of keeping skin supple 🙂

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