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WIAW my perception of “whole foods” evolving

Having been gradually adopting an open mind by exposing my taste buds to anything and everything, I still find myself favoring the thought of a “whole food” way of eating. Aaah but my definition of whole food has taken such a spin you may well find it hilarious. But I’m dead serious so I will be offended if you giggle in my presence. Basically food that’s above the class of a bag of chips fried in hydrogenated oil passes as “real” and “whole” enough for me. What better way to illustrate my current -happy- eating habits, than by partaking in  What I Ate Wednesday hosted by one of the cutest families on this planet 😉 .



I find it more hassle-free capturing a days worth of eats a little early, so we are observing Sunday’s sustenance..starting off with a superb breakfast

My current perfect bowl of oatmealoatmeal

I am utterly obsessed with this combination of flavors. Just the other day I assumed myself in need of ‘switching things up’ and went for a pb&j take on oatmeal. Granted it was good..but I found myself longing for the usual. Ironically, from a different viewpoint – the only thing “un-whole” in this pot bowl of gold is the low fat yogurt; which I am fully aware of, but I feel that I don’t need full fat and I figure it’s better than the fat free I was on -1 year back.

I am still in the stage of figuring out what works for me in terms of meal times. It’s constantly changing these days; meal,snack,meal….meal,meal,snack,snack…We will proceed to lunch where for once in my life I knew the exact flavors I was craving.

grilled cheese/avo/jam

This is not your average grilled cheese. Chedder cheese paired with sliced avocado and blackcurrant jam. Oh and those green flowers are broccoli – goes along very well with cheesy anything. I’m slowly accepting the fundamentals in the preparation of a successful grilled cheese. For one thing I had always made the mistake of grating the cheese! You mean you don’t know that golden rule? Using grated cheese means you will use less because a little goes a long way. Well that’s too bad. Because thick slices are the secret to getting it right. Oh and buttering the outside of the bread before toasting does glorious things!

Lessert is a thing. Go and ask Tatum!

Chocolate chip banana muffin. Yes, my trusty recipe over at Spoons!

chocolate chip muffin

I have forever known myself to be dealing with crunchy cravings, but the past few days have been all about the “doughy”. Resulting in snagging bits of homemade white flour tortilla throughout the day while meandering through the kitchen (which I was not going to make the effort to capture). Which brings me to reflect on how free snacking has become. I don’t need to plate and plan all the time. And white flour is from wheat that grows from the ground – despite re-emerging more refined, I think its “whole” enough.


For a late afternoon snack when I want things on a plate

Roast butternut, macadamia butterbutternut/macadamia butter

Macadamia nut butter has me in love with its smooth richness. It compliments squash so well..kinda sad I’m nearing the end of my jar already.

The days have shortened tremendously over time and I for one am not complaining; longer nights = pleasant mood and higher energy levels. Ohhh talking about higher energy levels, I’ve been feeling rather energetic recently. So grateful to have moved on from the phase of “ludjahness”. I digress. I’m quite on board with an early supper

Noodles cooked in some butter-sauce with fillet. Spinach mix.pasta -supper

Leftovers are brilliant really. More so if you aren’t the one that cooked in the first place. It seems that Mum’s culinary expertise has rubbed on to all the daughters. Well not me yet..but I’m still a baby so I’m excused 😉 . And yes, that is regular ol’ white pasta. Not wholewheat, brown rice flour or what have you. White pasta is what has always been used in my house, what everyone has been eating since the 1950’s (pardon the random throwing around of figures), and no one is allergic to it or thinks it too processed. I used to consider it taboo for my consumation..too refined, so I simply deprived myself of pasta. Countless times I hesitated over a bag of brown rice noodles or the ZERO calorie worms at the health store, wondering if I should take the plunge to apply yet another form of eating “differently” and thankfully, I reasoned myself out of it each time. Why must I exert myself to prepare something different? Do I consider white pasta below my ranking? Surely not!  If everyone around me who are perfectly healthy eating it, why not me? So my opinion on this changed, and today it forms a part of my daily “whole” diet.

At some point following supper I snacked

roasted/salted nuts

On Saturday I prepped up a batch of Crunchy honey roasted chickpeas using Peanut butter! I was shocked to discover the skinning process therapeutic as Amanda mentioned it to be.

chickpea skins

I added in the optional brown sugar..and burned the blighters a little. They were not bad by any means though, and on Sunday when I had a sudden incentive to throw some on a bowl of vanilla ice cream, I proclaimed myself a half a genius.

chickpeas on vanilla ice-cream

Erhhh yeah, do this! This is the way I proceeded to polish off the chickpeas for the days following 🙂 . Genuine ice cream holds an esteemed ranking as a “whole” food in my eyes. Whole milk, sugar, fat, what have you. Now if we were talking some low-calorie, preservative-filled knock off, that would not be considered “real” or “whole”.

Later still I…. what would be the appropriate term to describe the eating of a piece of Lindt dark (I didn’t bother to obtain evidence)? Munching is wrong.. ditto nibbling, devouring, ingesting. I mean, a smooth piece of chocolate simply melts, consuming the taste buds in its silkiness.


7 thoughts on “WIAW my perception of “whole foods” evolving

  1. I feel like “whole foods” is such a subjective term. We can drive ourselves crazy trying to carve the perfect definition of it – yet there are so many ways to interpret it that it just gets confusing! I think adapting a looser interpretation of “whole foods eating” would just make life easier. P.S. still jealous of your macadamia butter!

    • I like your way of looking at it 🙂 . And just like everything else; what I consider “whole” might be too processed for another.

  2. So as a devoted winter squash enthusiast – I eat one for dinner roughly three times a week – why oh why have I never actually dipped it in nut butter?? I see foodie blogs doing it all the time but always retreat to my beloved balsamic vinegar instead. The sight of that macadamia nut butter has convinced me, though. Next time, dammit, we’re shaking things up. (Never tried macadamia butter but I can’t imagine it would be anything less than heavenly.)

    • Wha!? The most exposure I’ve had to balsamic vinegar is on my greens…so you actually dip the squash in it!? I am intrigued. But really you need to get on trying squash with nut butter. And macadamia has this velvety, mild sweetness going on <3.

      • I have these unbelievable balsamic vinegars from some oil and vinegar company in Vermont which blends them with fruit juices and other natural flavors. Fig balsamic and dark chocolate balsamic go soooo well with roasted Kabocha squash, and cranberry balsamic tastes like heaven with butternut squash, rosemary, and salt. Even plain balsamic vinegar is pretty darn tasty with roasted veggies – it really brings out their sweetness.

      • *jaw hanging* No wonder you didn’t bother to venture into any other dippage…that sounds insanely good. I will be trying plain ol’ balsamic soon though 🙂 .

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