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Tempted into it

There is only so much of torture in the form of food enticement that a human is willing to undergo before screeching “I want that!” It happens to all of us, we have our “known” favorite standby’s, but we are daily bombarded tempted into that “something”. Things that maybe we are aware of, but that little bit of effort needs to be carried out in order to satisfy that newborn craving. I’m lazy with experimenting and tinkering in creating food. I’m fond of falling head over heels with specific routines and recipes and only ever so slightly allowing the inspired spark to flicker at the sight of something potentially yummyfying before fizzling out (because, when am I ever going to get…).

Looking back at the last week or so; I’ve been majorly allured into meeting those tiny requests. It happened to be a time where the circumstances basically offered the chance on a silver platter; who am I to refuse?

After having gelato dangled in my face by the lovable, dried-fig-eating/yogurt monster Alison and the Potato King, I was rather tremendously happy to be heading to the one  mall – that has gelato – that I despise for enough concreteable reasons to visit..oh,once in 5 years. I’m only exagerating slightly by about 51 months.

Hazelnut ferrero and tirimisugelato-ferrero/tirimisu

Not like in Australia where brumbies run wild and protein sources are shocking, yet it passes to satisfy a gelato craving.


All the cool kids stir squash into their oatmeal at some stage it appears.

Mashed butternut squash stirred through at the end of cooking- followed by yogurt- topped with honey,cinnamon,crunchy PB.butternut squash oatmeal

Honestly, I would not have taken the plunge if it wasn’t for having awakened to my worst nightmare – no bananas or apples! *shudder* To this day I would like to assume I just might have been hullicinating. And while the squash sub will not rank on top, I am pleased to have another tasty combo in my oatmeal rotations.


Almost everywhere I go blog I’ve read recently(the handful that I manage to absorb) chips french fries have been mentioned resulting in a mental note to reintroduce a feared past-love.

french fries

Having moved passed the meal choice of  “it has to be a dressing-free salad”, I was still programmed to opt for a salad as a side. Most recently I’ve been looking for the oppotunity to eat out and experience my freedom. I could have done with abit of veggies after not consuming much through the day, BUT I didn’t want veggies. What surprised me was how easily I was satisfied halfway through.


Endless taunts of banana bread photos and recipes later:

Honey whole wheat banana breadbanana bread

My first loaf of banana bread turned out a mouth-watering success! Truth be told; by the way I was going about things I had every reason to doubt. I started off using Spelt flour…1 and a 1/4 cups in I ran out…amid having a minorly major panic attack I threw in 1/2 cup all purpose flour and consoled myself by thinking “How bad can it be!?” . The recipe was simple, fuss-free and the end product had a dense, yet moist and fluffy texture that proclaimed my heart. The cinnamon flavor comes through so well with every bite..love it! Is anyone with me on needing to have the kitchen to yourself when baking? Ok so if you live on your lonesome you wouldn’t have that issue, but in my full house –  a quiet kitchen is a notable rarity. Yesterday, with the house *almost* entirely to myself, I simply could not pass up the offer of “getting my bake on”.


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    • Hahaa I hope no one is being subjected to that giggle!..from a legit 2 year old it’s a pleasant sound I would say.
      Oh yesss, in our woods is right – a leopard at that :p .

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