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Thinking Out Loud #18

These shorter days are catching up to me, whew! But whose complaining? Longer nights are bliss. Aaaand…after an extended summer it feels like the temperatures are dropping for real; 16C with dark, gloomy skies is multiple polo-neck weather. I may, or may not, have been shivering the whole day! I have a feeling some humans might disagree 😉 . We can however agree on Amanda’s party having a really good vibe to it 🙂 .



1. I just got off the treadmill from a “daydream” walk..wait, am I the only one who goes on a walk just so I can daydream in silence? Somehow the mind enjoys wandering when I’m moving, yet when I’m sitting still my brain keeps running up and down my to-do list. I’m not sure if I should reveal this..but I’m sort of stuck in a melancholy mood, and unless I get a little off my chest I don’t think moving on would be a possibility. I -occasionally- become so utterly involved daydreaming on my walks, that I’m moved to tears. Stop laughing! It’s sort of pathetically sad I suppose, but I never stated myself as entirely sane 😉 .

                                                                         picture sourcedaydreaming-quotes-graphics-8


2. That particular daydream was not sad in the sense of total grief. It was more on the lines of Delayed sadness on a particular event where I didn’t allow myself to feel what I needed to feel at the time. Alright! Moving on…


3. Alot of the time; I will sit down to a meal, take a few bites, tastes…suddenly get whacked by how spectacular the flavors mingle on my taste buds and immediately gallop off to grab my photo-taking device phone. Because come on! It’s so darn good I need to share the notion with anyone/everyone.

hummus/tuna dip


If you haven’t already incorporated tuna and hummus, I would highly suggest you give it a try. Oh and it’s also a good idea to sprinkle paprika into the mix. I had this exact plate 3 times this week already! Long live food grooves.


4. Another reason I am quite cheerful that its cold (we on 14C today. Eeek!!).



Yes! When I first laid my eyes on it in the midst of summer, I was in love. Alas, I would fabricate a chill in the air in the hope I could wear it appropriately. Not anymore! There’s actually quite the tale to this innocent bundle of heavenly fluffiness. Upon viewing I was besotted, yet I reined myself in, under the reasoning of this being too heavily an “impulse purchase”. On my exit from the store, my sister walks in, unknown to her that the onesie already had me smitten, bitten, but not snared. She knew that it was basically “me” bodiless on a hanger…imagine my surprise when she hands me the bag on our way out of the mall <3.


5. It seems to me that the general population of young human females love rain. From the image depicted anyway. What is it? Romantic? Because I don’t get it. Outside chores become wet and comfortable, and I’m really not one to dance in the rain. Well, I presume I am going to have to see the beauty in it – we are all about the rain these days too.

                                                                                                       picture sourcerain



6. Tuesday morning, this happened:


So instead of blog-reading with snippets of work, it’s very much the other way around. And confined to my phone. Here’s a nasty little secret; in order to have the internet functioning, the fax line has to be killed for that period. If it wasn’t for business faxes I would have not bothered to have the fax operating. Whaaat? Blogs > faxes . 


7. Last night I wondered into the kitchen to fix up a bedtime snack. I was thinking a slice of pb&j toast, BUT.. all plans headed for the hills when I spied apple tart. Excuse moi!.. how did one of my favorite desserts enter my domain without my knowledge!?

apple tartWhy yes I did have a forkful before the sugar went to my brain instructing me to take a photo 😉 .


                                                                                            Happy Thinking Out Loud folks!


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #18

  1. That onesie … You’re too cute, haha. I never thought anybody could get excited about the perspective of colder days but it’s interesting to see it from another perspective.
    Just to let you know: you’re not alone on cherishing walks for the opportunity of distractionless daydreaming. Or rather thinking about everything and letting my thoughts flow. I swear I have the best ideas while walking and it [usually] helps in clearing my mind and getting into the right mindset again. If you ever need to talk, though, just shoot me an e-mail, okay?
    Happy Thursday, girl!

    • I always fancied myself a white leopard 😉 .
      I’m excited for the cold now -only- because of a long hot summer. If I recall correctly; the roles were reversed last winter!
      I will be taking you up on that offer soon Miss P! And I hope you will not regret it 😉

  2. It’s hard to imagine that your days are getting shorter and colder when ours are getting longer and warmer. Well, in theory anyways. Things have been pretty chilly up here in Canadaland, and we’re supposed to have rain for the next 3 days or so. Oh! And speaking of rain… lump me in the group that loves it. There’s just something so relaxing about it, and being inside with a warm cup of coffee or tea when it’s raining outside is so cozy. Being outside, on the other hand… totally different story 😆

    • It’s being outside while big, cold drops drench me through that does it! The picture you paint however…yeah that sounds good hahaa 🙂 .

  3. Haha I know what you mean about the rain! Sometimes I do like it though because it gives me a reason to be lazy! Now when I have to leave the house not romantic or enjoyable at all! But it does make sitting inside at work better than when it is super sunny and nice out!

    • Oh you’ve got a point there..I do become quite antsy when I’m in the office on a brilliant day! Glad you feel me on getting drenched not being romantic in any way 😉 .

    • LOL! It was the most suitable way to expound how greatly the onesie was destined for me 😉 .
      If I could remain indoors when the rain poured I reckon I might love it. Sending smiles your way Heather 🙂 .

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