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Spill It Sunday #1 Breakfast!

My first Spill It Sunday! Eek. I’m nervous, it’s like first day of school all over again. Wait, we’re talking about the extravaganza held by Potato King. Naahh, I’m not nervous. Just bloomin’ excited! I bet I’ll be smiling for the rest of the day; consuming and discussing the magicalness that is breakfast will do that I suppose.




1. What is your classic go to breakfast of choice?

I could answer this blindfolded; oatmeal. I seem to rotate through oatmeal grooves:


chocolate eggy oats




Butternut squash cinnamon raisin boatmeal



Coconut milk o.oats

2. Favourite sweet style breakfast?

If this is being asked, I dread the follow-up question. There is only sweet style breakfasts for me…but I should know better to never say never. I couldn’t choose one in particular, but if there’s nut butter/chocolate, fruit and some grain – I reckon it would make it on my love list. Oh and I’m on board with having legit desserts for breakfast. Yup, 10am sugar-crashes have happened.

milk tart

3. Favourite savoury style breakfast?

You joking mate! This. is illegal. Buuut, now that I think about it, a toasted cheese has the potential to pass. Even better if I can throw some berry jam in there 😀 .

cheese sandwich

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the gloriousness that is White Cheddar cheese. I have always adored Cheddar, but all my life I was ignorant of “White” cheddar! Cue an instant hernia when I took the extra second to actually appreciate every name of cheese at the store and beheld my now favorite. All the flavor of cheddar with a dose of extra creaminess <3.

4. Share a breakfast recipe you are a fan of- It can be your own or another bloggers!

I am kinda obsessed with my oatmeal bowl of late.

oatmeal- breakfast

5. Strangest breakfast you’ve ever eaten?

Goodness me, I’ll never forget that fateful day on holiday – the only time strange is “cool” – when I consumed a toasted chicken/pesto sandwich for *gasp* brunch a late breakfast. It would have been enough to ascertain that I had gone bonkers…but the -sweet- iced coffee on the side evened things out 😉 .

6. Do you have a typical breakfast routine?

Depending on the amount of prep breakfast calls for on a particular day, I’ll usually cook, then allow it to cool while I get some outside “stuff” completed. Unless it’s pancakes..

Applie pie pancakeswhich can only be safely conducted in the AM if I am in a one of those incredibly stupefying, patient moods. And that has a tendency to happen once a year. Good thing pancakes makes for a fantabulous lunch then 🙂 . Oh, coffee! Unless I’m heading on a coffee date in the day, a hot mug of black coffee always accompanies breakfast. It’s equivalent to a morning hug; in the belly!

7 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday #1 Breakfast!

    • Aahh we all can’t have a dominant sweet tooth…I can’t lie it was yummylicious though 🙂 .

      White cheddar is like a better version of mozzarella; perfect for me, who always “oohed and aahed” over the melty look of mozza, yet the mild flavor failed to win me over. Weirdly enough, I am not into “sweet” cheeses!

  1. That baked oatmeal looks delicious! Do you use a recipe? And that chicken pesto sandwich sounds so good right now. Last year I was in London and ate a chicken, avocado and basil sandwich and it was a revelation! I think it’s like chicken and pesto, but better. You should try it!

  2. Yes to oatmeal every day. Growing up I ate granola/ Müsli for breakfast so I assume I’m just too used to sweet dishes in the morning. I’m not as good as you in switching up my oats, though. Maybe I need to break my current routine sometime soon.
    Also, I got your mail and will reply later tonight. Taking my time but I haven’t forgotten about it.

    • Confession: I’ve actually never had granola. I have seen some really dessert-worthy store concoctions; so I may just have to give it a try.
      Oh I know how busy you are, do take your time. Just knowing that you’re listening is satisfactory enough 🙂 .

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