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Easing up on exercise; there’s more to life…

I am ashamed. For having behaved as though “cutting down on exercise” is the worst endeavour to be carrying out. For reacting as though “resting” is a struggle. Only now do I see things from the viewpoint of my loved ones around me.

Not for a stinking second, did I believe I would arrive at a state of mind where I would be comfortable with my life not evolving around “exercise”. I had consented I was indeed going to rest and recover, but on first contemplation – the idea of slowing down depressed me. How else would I have “me” time? If not by exercising, how would I take care of myself? And that is where I ran into trouble. While exercising is in fact an act of taking care of oneself, it is not even close to the whole picture. Think about it. How damaging to believe that the only form of care is through exerting oneself…and taxing the body more than it can handle at that! It was unpleasantly impossible to comprehend that I might just enjoy life with less exercise. As I started off toying around by easing up for a few weeks, getting the taste of days without having to fit workouts into my already jam-packed schedule – a strange sensation of sorts entered my bloodstream. I began to “experience” life…every little meander outdoors, the fresh air filling my lungs… taking time to leisurely consume my snacks during office breaks…waking up with the prospect of a positively full day, with no space for shoving in a “planned” workout. And loving it. Because taking care of myself is not signified by running 5 k’s, or so many reps of weights, or enforcing an imaginary rule of doing some activity before breakfast. If I want to fabricate things; I’m better off imagining unicorns! I was using exercise as a means of escaping my miserable mood; but surely a daily despondent outlook on life is a warning sign of something deeper. It is not normal to sub-consciously feel anxious every day until I get in the amount of exercise I deem suitable. Every day is gift…every moment a blessing. Why should my energy and time be dedicated  to workouts when I can derive indescribable satisfaction from: playing ball with my dog..completing an office project..pondering over my outfit for the day..heading out for dinner with family..relaxing in bed with a book…whipping up a bowl of Oatmeal cookie dough after a busy day.. oatmeal cookie dough a la mode   topped with vanilla ice-cream. Because…do you have a better way? Mentally congratulating Amanda on such a chef-d’oeuvre with every heavenly mouthful.. cookie dough bake   Ohmygoose! Just go make it. I made a few substitutions to accommodate to what I had on hand: mashed banana for the applesauce, peanut butter, omitted the honey, all purpose flour, and my choice of chocolate chips was 2 squares of chopped 70% Lindt. I assure you the end result was nothing less than magnificent!   So as I was saying…I understand. The frustration that met my so called “devotion” to my healthy lifestyle was not selfish on their part. It was normal. Selfish was me, believing that I was ‘suffering’ in my midst of attempting to put an end to self-destruction.

6 thoughts on “Easing up on exercise; there’s more to life…

  1. Oh exercise-obsession. Such a hard struggle to walk through. I wrestled with it for years, the anxiety around missing one, the re-arranging the rest of my life to get a workout in, and all the other severely-misguided things I did because of my obsession. And it did me no good. Tired all the time, my workouts suffered and I didn’t get stronger like I wanted. I wasn’t giving my body what it needed: proper rest and fuel. Truth is, once I started resting 2-3 times each week was when I actually saw improvements in my strength. My body needed rest so badly! It’s a tough lesson to learn, but thanks for being open about your journey with it.

    • So happy you’re past that 🙂 !! And you said it; the body tries so hard to get the message across to the stubborn minds..I always thought I knew better. But it is so good to be enjoying doing less, instead of moaning about how I can’t do high-intensity etc.
      Wishing you a spectacular day lady 🙂 .

  2. “How damaging to believe that the only form of care is through exerting oneself” <— Honestly, love, I am SO relieved you've been able to shake yourself of this mindset! There is so much more to life than running yourself to the ground and sometimes we need to stop and remember that taking care of yourself mentally should be your number one priority. There's so much life to be lived and we have the right to experience it all! I'm thrilled you're discovering that and having an amazing time with it :).

    Sending lots of love!

    • I am THRILLED that you’ve taken the time to voice your kind words! Love you lady 😀 .
      And yes, it took a long time – it’s easy to think back on why I didn’t see it that way right then, but at least now I feel like I’ve got it right!
      Smiles your way ❤

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