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Thinking Out Loud #19

Aaahh Thursday Thinking Out Loud! Anyone else letting out a heavy sigh of relief for the close proximity of the weekend?? What.a.week. Holiday? What holiday? It is rather confusing having everyone else in a “holiday” mindset while it has been the most focused week in the office for me. Cheers to Amanda for rescuing me from permanent brain fudge!




1. If I could have things my way I’d be hiking every day. There is little other a pastime that serves to transport me into another world, away from the hassle of life…easily my favorite activity. I’ve been living in my town for almost 90 19 years and all this while I’ve been ignorant of  the beyond breathtakingly beautiful hiking trails along the coast…

Why the bloody bloomin’ blik is there an ERROR preventing me from uploading pictures!? I’ve had a looong, sapping -ok so joyously so *grumble*- day; WordPress I do not appreciate you acting up! 


2. Would you like to know what the “perfect” fuel on a 3 hour hike is? Well for me anyway. Doesn’t upset my tummy, the energy travels with immediate effect to my limbs resulting in an extra bounce in my step, and in my expert (go with it pretty please!) opinion it tastes like a little bit of heaven -only- when I’m running ridiculously low on oomph.

picture source

Hike fuel

Hike fuel


3. It sadly appears that the image-uploader has a soft spot for Snickers *rolling eyes*. Why else would it accept it and chuck out an image of pristine, breathtakingly beautiful, mesmerizingly epic tranquility!?



4. Now that I am thinking about edible nourishment, I’m pondering over what a world-wide easy topic “food” is to discuss. The brilliant Carly conveyed her stance perfectly and understandingly well, and it alighted a segment of brain to ruminate just how chatting about food can “save you” so to speak. In many cases; to prevent myself from getting caught up in an uncomfortable discussion with a stranger..to direct the conversation elsewhere, instead of shedding light onto a friend’s recent break-up..to lay off the gossip-fest because I’d rather not talk about Mister Twiddles’ pathetic choice of footwear at the recent wedding – we’ve chatted about the latest chocolate/ice cream on the market..the menu at the wedding above ( 😉 ) . When there’s concern of over-sharing or hitting a tender spot on other topics; food talk to the rescue!



5. I’m on a mission to finding that pair of jeans. You know, the one that feels like a second skin, that you hate to part with it by putting it in the washer and pine away for it until you’re donning it again. I had one a few years back; oh gosh how I loved the denim bootcut blighter. All the jeans in the world, none as groovy as that one. When it split down the centre I admitted it was time to bin it.

jean styles

With skinnies dominating my wardrobe right now, I am eager to venture out..the fit and flare seems quite enthralling.



6. How effortlessly my “weakness” in frosty temperatures slipped my mind..the return of cold served as a quick reminder; transporting out of my pj’s in the AM becomes a mammoth task. It is *almost* embarrassing – the method of self-bribing I’ve resorted to..

Lindt chilli


Nibble, one leg out, repeat. Ever since that magical introduction, the chemistry is going strong. It does work wonders in keeping me toasty throughout the dressing process. Oh and showering in the evenings! Eep. However…I am still loving on a change from the sluggish humidity.



7. While I am no stranger to the addition of avocado in my toasted cheeseAlison sparked a powerful craving the other day which ultimately was the foundation for supper last night

White cheddar <3. I sneaked in a bit of hot chilli sauce…good stuff!cheese avo sandwich



8. Let’s try that incredible view while hiking last Sunday again

hike on the coast

Ohhh yes *sigh*. Feels like I’m going to be nagging talking my team into taking the 20 min. drive up there again this weekend.


Happy Thinking Out Loud 🙂


Favorite style of jeans peeps?

Favorite chocolate at the moment?..its always changing for me. Too many delectable ones out there!


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #19

  1. Oh jeans… I love to hate on them, but at the same time, there’s no better feeling than finding that perfect pair. I usually go for straight or bootcut, but skinnies are perfect when you want to stuff them in boots or wear a cute pair of flats.

    As for chocolate… right now I’m completely smitten with a new-to-me Canadian company called Giddy Yoyo. I love the taste of their bars and what they stand for, so it’s a win all around!

    • That’s my problem! Skinnies are my ultimate go-to..but I’m searching for a pair that will take my shirts to another level. Time for me to branch out.
      For raw chocolate I have to road-trip 7-8 hours *straight face*; if I didn’t love my hometown for everything else, I would have moved across the ocean.

  2. Yay! I’m so happy to hear you and Lindt Chili have decided to start dating seriously ;). Lucky for you I’m not going to interfere – you know it’s one of my favourites, too – because we’re continents apart so I’m going to pretend Lindt wasn’t cheating on me. That being said after seeing the picture from your hike I’m feeling a strong urge to pack up my things and come visit you. It looks amazing and I wouldn’t mind a break right now.
    It’s probably a little shocking for some people but I can’t chime in on the jeans discussion because I hardly ever wear them. Don’t worry: I’m not walking around naked, haha. But I’m all about the dress + tights combinations – or skirts. Unless we’re talking PJs I can’t remember the last time I wore pants.

    • Well jeans aren’t the be all, end all. I can’t lie I love rocking a floral mini with tights and a leather jacket! Oh and thank heavens for your explanation about the non-nakedness there 😉 .
      Can I get our guest quarters ready?..or we could be roomies! We’ll hike together with backpacks filled with Lindt for snacking while appreciating the scenery 😀 .

  3. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a quest that I’ve never been able to succeed in haha. I have my mom’s chunky and muscular legs, so jean shopping is a nightmare for me and I avoid it at all costs! That hiking view looks absolutely beautiful!

    • Always a proud sentiment to inherit Mum’s anything 🙂 ! That said; with the HUGE variety of jeans out there, there is bound to be a cut for -you- ! We should go jeans hunting together 😉 .
      I’ve daydreamed about that hike every day after!

  4. What a beautiful view!! Man, what I would do to hike there.
    And holy smokes, your avo grilled cheese looks incredible. White cheddar sounds so much better than my mild muenster cheese!
    Finding perfect jeans is almost as hard as finding the perfect guy 😉 Best of luck!

    • I’m conjuring up an image of you stopping to do a burpee along the way LOL!
      I’m definitely a fan of cheeses with oomph!
      Hahaa, almost; but not quite! Trying to hold off of that one as long as possible 😉 .

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