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Five Things Friday #8

Things don’t always go according to plan..in fact, sometimes they blow completely out of proportion. Like my laptop unexpectedly deciding on a holiday yesterday afternoon and crashing on me. As off now it’s in a coma and I’m stealing time borrowing use of my brother’s machine. Upon feeling rather frazzled after beating the crap out fiddling around with said unconscious close friend of mine, I accepted to missing out on Clare‘s get-together. But then a wave of sadness hit me, and we can’t have that right?! So here I am folks. In the skin 😀 .



1. Grilled hake and veggiestakeout

Takeout after aaages! Gosh it was so good. The hake was absolutely melt-in-the-mouth perfection, and along with the veggies – seasoned simply yet sufficiently.

2. SHOPPING FUEL – Cafe mocha and an unpictured scone –because it paled in comparison to this heavenly potion.Cafe mocha

I will always stand true to my belief that shopping is seriously sapping. After walking the mall for a few hours; mealtime or not – I am ravenous. Why did I not try a Café mocha sooner?? Aptly described, this is a cross between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. And it is blissful.



Lunch plate: Finn sesame/rye crackers, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries roasted in olive oil+spices, mixed greens, rosa tomatoesveg plate

I’ve been loving on plates like these to dip into a generous mix of hummus and tuna. The contras of textures and flavors never fails to hit the spot.



From the first trial; I was hookedoatmeal cookie dough a la mode


Which meant a daily dose of cookie dough and ice cream. Fine by me. Until…blasphemy; no more chocolate! Ahaaa, all is not lost..where there is a chocolate craving, there is a way…

A brownie spin on Amanda’s cookie dough bakechocolate brownie oatmeal



Cocoa powder in shining armor to the call of the distressed damsel 😉 . I simply subbed in 2 Tablespoons cocoa for the flour.


5. Scrambled eggs topped with avo, sweet potato roasted in olive oil, rosa tomatoes, mixed greensscrambled eggs


Can I take a moment to give this particular mix of salad greens some love? I was on a groove with a classical mix of spinach/rocket/watercress until my beloved Woolies store I frequent had it go MIA. I of course – and grudgingly so – branched out, and as a wise woman once said ; I found a new-to-me salad mix to fall in love with. Lambs lettuce, baby butter and watercress.



1. It is possible – to disagree with another human on almost every single matter, yet live -civilized- for a number of days together.

2. Dousing sweet potatoes in an over-generous coating of olive oil for roasting results in a tad too soggy texture.

3. Lot’so dairy does not cause me to break out.

4. So many coats in the world..none as comfy as the oversized one I stole from Dad’s wardrobe.

5. The squiggly line reprimanding made-up words no longer affects me.


1. Allowing my emotions to come through.

2. An email that had me smiling, nodding (in agreement), gushing, and wanting to reach through the screen and give someone a hug.

3. That first sip of hot coffee after returning indoors in the early hours with a frozen nose and toes.

4. Gazing at my baby nephew asleep; such innocence! The epitome of tranquility.

5. Talking nonsense with siblings :p .


7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #8

  1. I’m so dependent on my laptop that it crashing would be a total nightmare! I hope you’re able to get it working again soon. Mhmm coffee makes the best shopping fuel! Especially when you pair it with a baked good because coffee+something sweet=pure bliss. That’s one of my favorite ways to relax.

    • Yes, yes!..I think that is what makes a hassled shopping trip so sweet; chilling in a coffee shop afterward. And many atimes my companions will go for milkshakes/smoothies, but I am all over something doughy with a hot drink 🙂 !

      Truth be told – I am on the brink of death with my laptop down!

    • I want to go back there!..it was the best coffee I’ve had. And that’s saying a bloomin’ lot!
      Mmm yesss, the amount of times I *thought* I don’t like hake because it was prepared like…feet(?) <- ohhh the descriptions I use when my brain is all sorts of fudgy.

  2. The fifth of your lessons learned is best, haha. I’m usually the hugest grammar nerd – that’s why I stopped proof-reading my blog posts because I’d probably never publish them for fear of typos, haha – but autocorrect needs to understand making up words is totally essential for creative minds. Why the limits?!
    And talking nonsense is so so good to relax a frazzled brain. I’ve been doing that a lot lately and it’s great.
    Happy Sunday, girl!

    • Hahaaa Exactly! Made up words are splendifirous 😀 .
      Somehow, the idea of you as a grammar nerd is utterly befitting; something to do with the dishwasher if my memory is not failing me!? You’re awesome Miss P 🙂 .
      I -usually- tend to keep myself slightly aloof from joining in, due to my brain in a constant state of occupation (I have come to believe), but it is so enjoyable to relax and go with the flow.

      • Oh girl, if you could see the current state of my dishwasher! Thanks to the fact that my roommate’s not at home today it’s perfectly organized. The simple things that make me happy.
        It’s great to hear you’ve been able to join the pleasant chit-chatting.

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