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WIAW a sad day of veggies

A considerable factor that has came to my notice: the further away I move from restrictive behaviors,thoughts..the smaller my list of fear foods and rules dwindle to…the more impulsive I am becoming. In recent times; the word “impulsive” was enough to make me quiver. Now? Now I think I’m bordering on reckless. Well in my head anyway. Spur-of-the-moment decisions in going places, eating things, doing things (not dangerous things mind you!). It’s not all good you know; impulse purchases. But we aren’t gathering from all over the world to moan about crazy clothing purchases, are we!?




It was an impulsive move to join on my part; as I sat down to breakfast on Monday morning – cold and hungry on my return indoors from a few minutes of outdoor chores – and I swear at that moment there was nothing more beautiful than this

Oatmeal with mashed banana stirred in, yogurt, applesauce & cinnamon. Topped with honey & crunchy peanut butter.breakfast


With black coffee on the side. Eaten in my -fluffy- pj’s (clearly), in bed. Because..do you suggest a better way??

So despite my cynical view on oil pulling, curiosity got the better of me and after my first trial on Sunday morning, I’m playing around with a mouthful of coconut oil every morning since. That initial blob of globiness panics me slightly, but as it melts its kinda fun! The fascinating thing is: After 20 min. swishing coconut oil, I legit want to puke when opening the jar to add in a spoonful to my oatmeal. So I’ve been omitting that addition for now.

To munch away on while working at the office I packed up…

My go to flourless chocolate muffinssnackage


On the weekend I was hit with a humongously huge craving for a deep chocolate baked good while dwelling in a house without chocolate chips. Oh what to do..it was quite insane really. Deeep breaths..then on an impulse I winged it sans chocolate chips. While I would not choose chip-less over chips; they turned out good enough for me to be enjoying them every day as the craving hits. The sight of a pile of paperwork work up my appetite something shocking.

When lunch time rolled around my brain had two words hovering inside: grilled cheese

cheese sandwich

As luck would have it I would forget to snap a photo, so I require you to use your imagination in replacing that pretty handful of veggies with a few florets of sad, soggy, overcooked broccoli. But leave that… I am undeniably, totally hooked on bread and cheese as off recently. If the two does not make an honorable appearance in some way on any given day; I am positively pining away for it the next.

A while later I wanted to get a little daydreaming walking in, but I felt all sorts of fluttery and unfocused. I was aware of a gap in the tummy, inquiring for dessert. So on an impulse..pre-walk fuel

Cold sojee with a mug of Rooibos teadessert

I was forever under the impression I didn’t like this strange dessert that Mum whips up. Until I actually tasted the “strange dessert” that is. Butter, sugar, flour, eggs..hard to find a dessert that I completely dislike.

In the midst of an absolutely crazy evening, dinner

OVERBAKED(!) sweet potato,1x BURNT(!) cauliflower floret, 3xBURNT(!) broccoli florets, softly scrambled eggs.supper

 Monday was a sad day of veggies indeed. Not only was I lacking, but the minuscule amount that entered my bloodstream was practically destroyed. The cruciferous blighters actually dissolved into ashes on my tongue. Eek.On busy days I seem to expect my veggies to cook themselves to the perfect degree while I politely get carried away with matters.

On another note, I have finally come to an understanding that I am a creature that does both dinner and supper every day

Oatmeal cooked in coconut milk, mashed banana stirred in. Topped with crunchy peanut butter & mixed berry jam.supper- oatmeal


Amusing how I have never burnt my beloved oatmeal…yet. And is anyone with me on oatmeal being one of those foods that give an internal hug after a tiring day, sort of helping wind down for the night.

That said, I find myself venturing to the kitchen for a little something just before brushing my teeth before bed – to count as a lullaby: a chunk of garlic bread. Imagination peeps!..buttery, salty, garlicky..crispy outside, doughy within..with all the power of a sleeping pill and none of those nasty side effects 😉 !


                                                       Head on over to the renown Jenn, to be part of the action!




9 thoughts on “WIAW a sad day of veggies

  1. Embrace the recklessness and the freedom! It must feel awesome to make impulsive decisions without always having to second guess yourself or restrict :). So happy for you :)! Mhmm those oats look to die for and are making me crave a bowl this morning1 THanks for the inspiration ;). Stirring in applesauce seems like such a great way to add in extra flavor! Have you tried cooking in a sliced banana before? Helllloooo delicious!

    • I am more than happy with providing oatmeal inspiration 😀 ! Oooh yesss, love banana cooked in too!
      Strange how the “freedom in food” is extending on every other area of life..in the same way; restricting back than held me back from living life in general!?
      Thanks for cheering me on Christine ❤

    • It feels AMAZING! Yayy girl, go you 😀 !

      The coconut milk gives it a divinely rich texture; I do 3/4 cup coconut milk and 1/4 cup water to 1/2 cup oats. Hope you love it 🙂 !

  2. When I started eating “impulsively” again, I was shocked to look around and realize that’s how most people ate every. single. day. Some of my friends go a whole day without a single green vegetable, and I never once saw one of them die of scurvy! It was shocking!

    Your day of eats looks mighty fine. I’m not so much a dinner and supper person as I am a breakfast part1 and breakfast part 2 enthusiast. Without Second Breakfast (usually something chocolatey-yogurty after my earlier loaded bowl o’ oats) I turn seriously grumpy by eleven a.m.

    How are you finding it to try and eat impulsively in an office setting? I worked at an office for the very beginning of my recovery, and I found that it made eating normally really hard. All that planning ahead of what to bring made get over-zealous in the plotting department. Those muffins look hard to resist!

    • Lovely point there Sarah and so true.I think living in a household of a big family is having a great impact in shoving me in a more intuitive direction, as everyone around me eats “impulsively” and are mighty fine individuals (no crazy problems).

      Mmm chocolatey-yogurty second breakfast sounds bomb..love that you know what works for you 🙂 !

      It *could* have been an issue; but it’s quite another story when the office is literally 15 meters away from my house…and my ‘boss’ is Dad 😉 . I actually have to be in the office to use the internet!

  3. Piles upon piles of paperwork do the same for my appetite. Maybe that’s why being in the office with more work adding up towards the end of the day has had me seriously hangry lately. Time to pack some more filling snacks.
    It’s making me happy to see you’re allowing the impulsiveness in your life.The only thing missing here are some spicy chocolate happenings in the form of Lindt. But I got you covered by eating an extra square yesterday ;).
    By the way: I hope what we chatted about via mail hasn’t been burdening your mind as much anymore. If so you know I’m here. (:

    • So I noticed that the esteemed Chilli was missing on that particular day! Oh you’re too kind for being so thoughtful 😉 !
      Little worse than trying to knuckle down on work in the office and being unable to focus due to insufficient snackage, yes!?
      Ohhh I can’t wait to follow up on that email! BUT..I have been doing better in changing my outlook to the positive side instead of feeling like I’ve let someone down. Love yer lady!

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