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WIAW specific cravings

I’ve been slightly “sick-ish” most recently. Not a full-out asthma attacking, pneumonia filled, nose-blocked illness, but high levels off stress has left me feeling slightly..off kilter: feverish, body soreness and the prevalent factor – a loss of lowered appetite. Last Friday, the amount of catching up on office work suddenly hit me right in the forehead(?) leaving me staggering in a cloud of moodiness. Add to that a laptop in the ICU, the internet connection bombing on me, my hip shifting (crashing from mid-air to the ground a good amount of times is likely to leave a human with a wobbly hip)..all contributed to the overall miserableness of a 5 year old almost 19 year old. BUT, in an effort to bring to a halt such complaints of mere inconveniences, I have come up with a plan of sorts. Enter…Operation Happiness; my laptop having been just returned to me, the internet working again and an appointment with my chiro tomorrow!  Originally, I had resolved to lay off the blogging/reading in order to play intense catch-up in the office (booh). That however, goes totally against the rules and regulations of Operation Happiness..and you know I love me some rules right 😉 ?

Since one of the few things in life right now that isn’t causing me any stress is food, I figured – why not let my hair down (not that I wear it up, but you know), and join in the fun held at Jenn’s place.



You  might be curious about what has actually been consumed given the fact that I just admitted a lowered appetite. Well here’s the deal: for me things don’t feel as demandingly ferocious in my belly as I’ve become accustomed to as off recently..but my tastebuds are in working order, and while I suppose stress could be masking my hunger; my tummy ensures I feed it well by asking for food, albeit not demanding. And..it has been asking for very specific flavors and textures on Tuesday. Ok so that’s my taste buds. Whatever, don’t confuse me before breakfast.

Yesterday morning I was craving my regular oatmeal bowl. With the addition of chocolate..


A tablespoon of cocoa powder after stirring in the mashed banana..all it needed to live up to my expectations. A tad dramatic for oatmeal? Never. Oh hey! Coffee on the side 🙂 .


I was a busy buzzing little bee, but when I started losing focus and feeling empty?…time to refill the tank. I needed doughy and buttery 

Lightly toasted and buttered English muffin.snackage



Amidst multi-tasking a few things at once I managed to determine when my tummy rumbled past noon, that I was – weirdly enough – hankering cooked carrots in gravy. Uhm, what? Fine.

Salt&pepper olive oil chicken with an extra spoonful of gravy for the steamed veg to soak up.lunch


It is definite then; my sister has inherited my Mum’s knack for cooking up a beautifully-spiced fowl.

Afterward I felt slightly peckish for sweetness but at the same time, nauseas. I thought I’d lay off a while and see if anything grabbed me. Something did soon enough. Laying on the coffee table winking innocently at me dessert

And unopened!? How in the world?..someone had to take the first step. Bubbly

My first time trying out the infamous Bubbly. Pretty good I’ll say.

While on a walking break in the afternoon – when my tummy could not even stand to give me some peace and started prodding me to the direction of the kitchen – I started having visions of chocolate chip blondies..followed by a reminder that I was dying to make eat these bars. Circumstances and an unmotivated mental capacity worked against me however, so while they served as inspiration – I turned to a simpler bar recipe, also from Spoons. Should I be embarrassed to admit that this was my first time..bar making? <-eep, that sounds so wrong! I am proud to state that despite taking a huge risk (in my opinion) by substituting the protein powder with beans, I was content with the outcome.

No it was not FREE. That is a “gluten free” banner.chickpea flour

I cannot for the life of me comprehend why I purchased this last week! I’m guessing the frustration at discovering that Coconut and Almond flour was out of stock (the moment I want it!) thus driving me to desperation, because I wanted a flour that was “different”.  And yes I threw in a bloomin’ half cup of chickpea flour in place of vanilla protein powder. Of course it was mandatory that I sampled the raw batter; chew, good..chew, good..swallow, uh oh. What is that significant after-taste? That would be the chickpea flour genius. My heart thumped worriedly and I struggled to keep myself calm, knowing full well that I could do without extra anxiety. Into the oven it went…40 min. later – 19 for baking, 21 for cooling:

protein granola bars

protein granola bars

Verdict: I…love these! Ohmygoose they’re all kinds of fabulous. Slightly fudgy, very chewy, gently sweet, and filled with chocolatey goodness. What chickpeas?!..not a trace 🙂 .

I helped myself to a warm bar with – some cold milk – to fulfill my craving for: chocolateness, chewiness and fudginess.snack

When packing them beauties away once cooled, handling them gave me an attack of the munchies so I snagged another bar. Besides, it would have been sadly impolite to refuse their enticement 😉 .

I was well and truly satisfied, with hunger returning long past dinner, whence I headed straight in for the kill for supper. I had a smorgasbord of flavors and textures to satisfy; roast butternut with the contrast of crunchy, cool cucumber…the combination of hummus and tuna…and rice cakes – which I’ve rekindled love with.

Rice cakes: 1 with hummus/tuna mix, 1 with sliced avo plus a spoonful of hummus/tuna mix that had nowhere to go. Butternut roasted in coconut oil, cukes, rosa tomatoes. supper

Everything sprinkled with a dusting of crushed white pepper! Why have I neglected rice cakes for an eternity *wail*!? Well I’m gaining nothing by mourning over the past…but really! I’m huge on texture so I picked up rice cakes with a mix of corn,red millet and quinoa…packs a beautiful punch of flavor!

Supper done with – I was.ex.haus.ted. The sole driving factor in my head: my beloved bed with my huge fluffy blankie <3. After going through the necessary bedtime obligations that takes soooo much time (oh how I yearn to have a magic spell!), I stood before my bed; tired beyond description, yet very aware of a very annoying factor. I’m hungry and I will not sleep till I’m satisfied. I wanted to scream..and cry. And then I told myself to stop being so dramatic and marched shuffled to the kitchen. A few specifications that my lullaby needed to meet: it had to be fast..it had to require NO chewing and little energy – if any – to swallow…it had to be non-sugary as I was in no mood to be inclined to brush and floss for another 5 hours…it had to guarantee tummy-contentment..it had to be Peanut butter!

Two spoonfuls and I was good to go sleeplullaby


What is your choice of a fool-proof bedtime snack?

Do you find that despite having a lowered appetite, your body ensure to get that “I’m hungry” signal through?

5 thoughts on “WIAW specific cravings

  1. You want to know what sounds even wronger? That I took your bar-making virginity! 😆 Seriously, though, they look like perfection and it’s awesome to hear that flour can be subbed out for the protein powder. I’m lucky that I’m snacking on one as I read your post because otherwise I’d have serious bar envy. And yup… this would be the umpteenth batch that I made. Don’t judge me.

    • Oh Jeez, bahhahaa! Funny how an innocent bar can cause such a string of thoughts!
      Snacking on something and happening upon the same/similar food while blog reading; love when that happens – totally saves me from drooling.
      I have a feeling I’m going to be reaching umpteenth batch pretty soon 😀 !

    • Wha?! :jaw hanging: you put my past chocoholic title to shame.
      Wait..Bubbly is practically ancient over there! It literally made an appearance on our shores a few months back only. Bahh, us fashionably late humans :p . Oh I am yet to experience the “mint” kind, though I have seen it around.

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