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My Sunflower Seed butter situation

This morning was a real beauty. Truth be told they all are; but it is definitely not every day where I will tune into in and soak it all in when out and about on my daily outdoor tasks. Some days I hasten through them.. to lessen the time spent freezing my nose off, or simply adhering to my tummy’s demands off: breakfast.. now!

Overnight oats in a Macadamia nut butter jar, coffee ❤breakfast o.oats in a jar   That’s jam in my oats, not blood..in case you were wandering. Yeahh I finally had overnight oats after an extended drought. Nooo I do not possess the magical abilities to give them an aura of appeal like the yogurt monster does. Yes it tasted all sorts of splendid..yet I can’t lie I was very happy to reunite with cooked oatmeal the breakfast after. Uhm-hmm spoilsport, that’s me 😉 . Errr, so I was saying: this morning was a special one. I was in the moment; the cold sweet air cleansing my lungs.. a hardee-dar’s cry echoing in the distance.. the dry pine trees reaching up to a soft blue sky, their brittle branches swathed with an orange tint from the just-risen sun.. L barking at an ewe mocking her from the safety of the pen, her shrill yaps threatening to destroy my ear-drums. And right then – everything was perfect. In that time span, at that moment..all was well. My mind was crystal clear like the dewdrops covering every inch of greenery. A precious moment indeed. It’s a good thing my senses were tuned in last week sometime when I pulled the lid off my first jar…of….Sunflower seed butter; ready to scoop up a spoonful to plop into my bowl of oatmeal – without even test-tasting before hand (who does that!?..me apparently). Yowza! If wasn’t for that iffy smell…oof! I say “iffy”, because a sure far -unpleasant- cry from the aroma of any nut I’ve come into contact with. Which would make sense; it’s not a nut. A quick lick confirmed my sudden fears skepticism: awful. I’m willing to believe that the addition of olive oil could have altered the taste for the worst(?), but there also happens to be raw honey and sea salt mixed in, and sadly I had conjured up a pretty heavenly assumption. sunflower seed butter   While sunflower seed butter is did and done in all of the blog world it seems; it is an utterly new arrival on my land which prompted excited squeals – because after seeing it everywhere on many blogs I basically knew the butter without knowing it – that immediately died down on glancing at the price. Heftier than my beloved Macadamia butter..wha?  Well, the curiosity is satisfied, my taste buds not… any suggestions on what to do with a jar of sunflower seed butter that cost me an arm and a leg?

2 thoughts on “My Sunflower Seed butter situation

  1. Wait, the sunflower butter had olive oil in it?! Urgh, it really is a rip off here too, but I admit, I have eaten it past it’s use by date! You sure it’s gone bad? It doesn’t have the most pleasant aroma haha.

    • I don’t actually think it’s bad in the sense of “expired”. It’s bad tasting stuff, period! Heavens yes, it smells like old feet.

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