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WIAW Sherlock Holmes style

I’ve always fancied myself as having a touch of highly refined sleuth blood in me, and since my last “project” – in assisting a relative on a secretive birthday surprise for a challenging human – was a good few months back, I thought it a good idea to take a cue from this smartie and  uncover the secrecies behind my the subject’s eats on Sunday. Huge thanks to our veggie-licious Jenn for hosting the classiest party on Earth.




Fact: The process of developing this seemingly innocent concoction is more complicated than meets the eye. We’ve got stovetop cooked oats with a mashed banana stirred in. Once cooled, a few spoonfuls of yogurt and some berry jam swirled through before transferring the delicate cargo into the peanut butter jar. Take note: the subject prepared the jar for this very purpose by using the contents in a manner that ensured the sides of the jar to not be left bare.

Evidence to validate level of complication involved: subject was near fainting with hunger when she finally sat down to eat therefore – accidently on purpose, carelessly disregarding to photograph the coffee.




Hot chocolate, royal gala apple, crunchy peanut buttersnack


Fact: There is a higher level of satisfaction derived from nut butter straight from the jar.

Evidence: If circumstances allow, the subject would prefer to never have it otherwise when it comes to snacking. A penchant for removing the stem from the apple prior to taking the first bite was noted.


Ensues the mind-boggling factor of the missing snack of an orange and some cashews. After interrogation, subject stated a valid reason; she was standing at the table -starving- awaiting takeout the parents were bringing and lunch-time was fast passing by.


Grilled garlic butter hake, veggies.late lunchFact: The meal did not live up to it’s expectations.

Evidence: It was partly consumed, before the hungry subject abandoned ship and and turned to chocolate…

Lindt chilli

Fact: It was a shock to conclude that there was no sense of sadness at finishing off the last of the beloved bar.

Evidence to why there was no mourning: Another bar on stand-by in storage.


Yogurt, banana, smooth peanut buttersnack


Fact: This snack was inspired by another blogger. And hit.the.spot on that particular day.

Evidence: There is an influx of this combination at daily moves and grooves. It made the subject’s tummy sing and allowed her to take a walk without feeling as though she might dissolve.


Mixed grain rice cakes: both with hot chilli sauce, 1 with egg, 1 with avo. Salad with roast butternut and plum tomatoessupper


Fact: That was intended to be a fried egg.

Evidence proving otherwise: Clearly the subject had over-estimated her frying capabilities. After a small panic attack upon attempting to flip the egg, subject resorted to a slightly scrambled fried egg. Necessary to add – next time I will not use a -miniature- pot(!) to “fry” an egg.  


Crushed wheat toast topped with butter and honeybedtime snack

Fact: The subject swooned over the first collision of butter and honey on her tastebuds.

Evidence: Despite being half-asleep, a definite sensory nerve was triggered, prompting the eatee to “mmmh” out loud.



VERDICT: Pleased to reveal that the subject was content in following her hunger cues and cravings 😉 .

Oh and perchance you are interested to know the outcome of the “birthday” case; I kinda blew everything out of proportion. Yeah, I’ll stick to sleuthing food :D.

Tell me a combination that you were sold on from the first meeting!



6 thoughts on “WIAW Sherlock Holmes style

  1. Have I mentioned what a fantastic writer you are? I love your use of unique, refined, and elegant words, and I think the way in which you set up this WIAW post was quite creative 🙂 It’s not often that you see the words “penchant” and “influx” in a blog post, but I greatly enjoyed seeing them. Perhaps that is because I tend to have a large vocabulary as well, and am constantly trying out new synonyms when I get tired of using the same words. Why say “pretty” when you could say “exquisite” or “visually appealing??” OK, I’ll stop rambling on about fancy words now. Your oat/banana/yogurt/jam/peanut butter combination sounds delicious–I haven’t had oats in a jar for more than a year now, mainly because I usually scrape my jars of almond or peanut butter completely clean before I think about using them for such a recipe. When you mentioned tasty food combinations, I remember a particular combination that I tried once and need to try again at some point in the near future: cooked brown rice mixed with mustard and hummus. I know it sounds a tad disgusting, but it was very pleasing to my palate. I hope you have a lovely day!

    • Gahhh, it should be illegal to have me blushing like this! You sound heavily passionate on describing in a refined manner. I admit I am too; there’s a sense of satisfaction from it hey!?
      Scraping out nut butter jars is too tedious a job for me 😆 ..but throw in some oatmeal or mashed squash and it turns into a rather delicious task 😉 .
      On the contrary: that mix of flavours and textures has me intrigued – in a good way! I’m not the biggest fan of rice, but I would like to give it another chance..and a creamy spin with hummus and mustard? gotta try it at some stage 🙂 .

  2. Oh my goodness I love this! You’ve literally got me salivating…I agree – your writing is breathtaking. 🙂 I have been dying to try oats swirled with banana and PB+honey for so long, but now I have DEFINITELY got to try them!

    • Eeee you too!? My year = made 😀 .
      Good heavens girl, you should get onto the PB, honey swirling action in 2009 already 😉 . Having been an oatmeal “topper” all along myself; swirling is a tasty switch!

    • Priceless indeed. I can’t comprehend that I was oblivious to the combination all along..or just too afraid that I will love it. At least I was acquainted with peanut butter and honey as a (jelly)tot…

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