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Spilling it on Sunday with Spoons

I am ridiculously claustrophobic about how deep and deadly the lady at Spoons is attempting to spill with the wallaby man who invented the Sunday extravaganza. Truth be told; upon reading Monday’s line-up..my brain unfolded a fascinating sequence: Resident LCP is hosting! Squeee *happy dance*, I’ve got to attend. Question 1..cool, 2..cool, 3..uhm. Don’t ask me why! I’ve always admitted to being a complicated creature. Perhaps as much as I long to share.. I have an automatic reaction of instinctively clamming up; some part of me wanting to hold onto a sense of safety in keeping hidden. Bull, I tell you! And we all know – as long as there’s a fear or reluctance – all the more reason to do it.





1. If you had to move to another country, where would you move and why?

Ok so I actually long to travel the world at some point in life.. but one country from the list I’m lusting on: Germany. I’d get to hang with this girl, stumble upon free Lindt and see actual snow in winter. Only matter of concern.. the dreary, wet weather there as off recently!?

2. Would you rather live in the country or in the city?

Despite my eagerness to travel the world and lose my identity I admit my living circumstances are ultimately.. perfection. I’m in a hybrid of country slash city. Country enough to have cattle roaming the roads on occasion, empty veld fields and forests, and squeaky clean air. Numerous shopping centres nearby fulfils whatever city slickiness I can possibly crave. I would therefore conclude; I am happiest somewhere in between the two.


3. If you could try out any job for a week, what would you like to try?
Sleuthing! Kidding. Seriously? I would maybe sorta really love to intern at Vogue a fashion magazine. Is it considered egotistic that I believe I am gifted with a creditable fashion intuition despite certain humans disagreeing.


4. What are the first 5 things you do when you wake up in the morning?

Hmmm, let’s see. We’ve got an esteemed bathroom appointment.. a wash up.. morning prayers.. coconut oil meet mouth. How many was that? Dang, 4. Oh then comes the breakfast prep.

5. Tell me your deepest, darkest secret. Or at least something that most people don’t know about you.
 Amandaaaa! Ain’t no way am I going to be revealing any deep, dark secrets (I have too many). BUT I am not going to be a spoil-sport either; most people – I believe – are unaware of the fact that I am hopelessly, remarkably indecisive.

Secrets Exposed - 101 Blogpicture source

6. If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?
Floss your teeth every day and don’t attempt to eat undercooked potatoes.

7. What are some of your favourite books?
The Fearless series by Francine Pascal (the lady also has Sweet Valley High under her belt!) is my number 1 favourite among favourites.


Jane Eyre – a classical love. And ohmygoose!… The Silver Brumby books by Elyne Mitchell: gahhh fabulous works of literature most certainly.

picture sourcesilver brumby

8. If you were going to write a book, what would it be about?
I’d have to decide; either a 10,000 page manual on trying to understand “me” – which granted, would be quite the challenge, given I don’t “get” me the majority of the time. Or a fiction bringing wild horses into play. Hey, maybe I could incorporate the two: something to the effect of – a wild horse assisting a deranged, slightly lost soul to finding herself.. fictitious, but it happens . Would you read it??

9. Name three things hanging out in your fridge door.
Uhhh.. let me take a quick peek.                    Okay.. milk, honey-mustard dressing (which I was unaware of and am now seriously contemplating on having a taste), and Nando’s hot sauce.

10. What do you want to be remembered for?

My love of coffee and desserts. Being me – passionate, loyal, annoying.

7 thoughts on “Spilling it on Sunday with Spoons

  1. I love how you have Nandos hot sauce too- and in the fridge- my mum would love you for that. We had a big conversation about in fridge VS out of the fridge. Even though the bottles say keep refrigerated, the restaurants never have them in there so I win!

    Vogue would be fun…if you can hate on Anna Wintour.

    • Would she love me enough to adopt me for a day 😉 . In all seriousness though; the fridge is equivalent to a “magic box”. Turns most food into a more delicious state.

      You need a licence before you can publicly discuss Madame Wintour, don’t you know!?

  2. Yesss. Pack up your belongings and move here. And geez, forgive Germany its slightly temperamental temperatures [aaah, alliterations – get used to it if you’re visiting]. Just so you know it we had a nice and warm weekend and I’m not even living in the Southern part where it’s even warmer. Far from dreary either way. Plus: yes, snow. That should make up for everything, haha.
    I trust in your fashion intuition and vote for more pictural proof! (:

    • Hmm, I’m going to take the weather turning for the brighter as further reason for me to come.. if I’m willing to miss out on winter here hah!
      So I’m going to say you are a good judge of fashion and take it as a compliment right 😉 .

  3. I LOVE SWEET VALLEY TWINS! Jessica and Elizabeth were the greatest when I was young! I think I read the whole series and it’s looooooooooooong!

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