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Thinking Out Loud #22 Brace yourselves!

Greetings humankind! It’s been an eventful week for me due to one life-altering procedure: I’ve got braces!! I know, right. You are either going “ahh what’s the colossal deal about that?”, or you’re thinking silently “eek braces! Glad I’m done with that”. Well I’ve got a lot on my mind about these teeth chains of torture decorations -with a purpose- and seeing that her loveliness is hosting an occasion that’s remarkably hospitable to every kind of topic; I’m thinking out loud.


I’m not one to show up late for appointments, neither do I fail to meet important deadlines; yet with various life matters – I am developing a rather “fashionably late” reputation. One of the last of my species to: make a smoothie… watch Frozen.. attempt bar-making.. .get a phone upgrade… you get the picture. late                                                                                                                 picture source

So it would not be hernia-inducing to be getting braces later in life than most people I know. Truth be told; each time I considered it previously (knowing full well that I needed it) I over-thought myself out of it, anxious to elude potential breeding grounds for regret. What if my parents spend this amount of money on me, only for me to be unable to stick it out? And along with that.. I simply could not justify carrying it out without dying with guilt at how selfish it seemed to me. Any other human – totally reasonable for them, but not me. Hmm, it was a long time coming I guess: a progressively drastic change of mind-set.

I believe I am worth investing into.. I deserve, as much as every single special soul out there.

That said, obviously my eating and lifestyle is evolving to accommodate the braces. In a way it’s exciting -for now that is- while proving challenging. Smoothies are becoming my bosom buddies..

chocolate smoothie

specifically this one. YUM! I am using full fat milk and tossing in a big handful of spinach (my best bet in getting my greens in). Oat bran is also quite the saving grace; while I’m still doing my oatmeal bowl in the AM, I find oat bran to be much easier and soothing to consume in the evening. High five to Miss P for shooing me in that direction 😉 .

Oat bran with a diced pear cooked in; topped with cinnamon, honey and smooth peanut butteroatbran- bedtime


I was always a little finicky when it came to teeth cleaning.. I didn’t think it possible to develop a greater level of carefulness; until the braces came into play. OH.MY.GOOSE. dental care

Yeah, that. Suffice to say – a high probability of plaque-filled nightmares seems inevitable, despite having a meticulous brushing program going.


Did you/do you ever struggle with feeling unworthy of “investing” in?

Did you have braces?

Any words of advice for a newbie? I would appreciate guidance with every tooth in my mouth 🙂 !

Suggestions for “comfortable” foods?




11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #22 Brace yourselves!

  1. Girl I had braces for six years (all of high school) and had six cavities when I got them off although I took really great care of cleaning my teeth. I got a water pik (oralb) when helped get things out of my mouth. Also for on the go there is this thing called a humming bird which I kept in my purse for after meals. After you get used to the braces, most foods are fine (even popcorn). Braces coming off in inevitable (I once broke one off on a peanut butter sandwich. The glue eventually degrades.
    Good luck girl! I’m a wealth of knowledge about the braces if you have any questions!!

    • Six years. Good heavens 😯 . Six cavities. Gahhh!
      Seriously though, I’m considering hunting you down and kidnapping you; with your experience, it would be brilliant to have you as my personal advisor 😀 .
      For safety’s sake: I’ll lay off the popcorn for the 2 years 😉 .

  2. First Lindt, now oat bran – I’d say I have a good food influence on you, haha. Now trying to think of what I should make you try next…
    We already chatted about braces so you know I feel your pain. Fingers crossed you won’t have to wear them for too long. Though I hope oat bran will be a constant in your life either way.
    Happy Thursday!

    • It was a case of love at first spoonful with oat bran 🙂 . Oh please don’t encourage me to attempt frogs legs or the like; with my trust in your taste growing – who would tell the lengths I could go!
      Two years for the braces. Or in my brothers -mockingly cheerful- words: only 728 days Sis!

      • Frog legs?! I’m neither French nor would meat, fish or any part of an aninmal pass my lips – did you forget? (:
        Two years? Well, two years are the exact time I currently keep telling myself will pass by quickly. We’re in the same [time] boat for different reasons now, haha.

      • I chose the most outlandish thing that came to mind yes; to emphasis how far I’ll go when my trust in taste is built hahaa.
        Hmm, you’ve got my curiosity ignited.

  3. First of all, I haven’t yet watched Frozen, so at least you aren’t the VERY last person to do so 😉 Also, I didn’t even get my first cell phone until I was 17, which is quite unusual in this era. I am not sure if “Congratulations!!” is the appropriate thing to say in regards to your braces, but I assure you that they will be worth the occasional discomfort and pain. Not to frighten you or anything, of course! I had braces for about two and a half years (from ages 12 or 13 to age 15), since my teeth were terribly crooked before that. I had huge buck teeth and let’s just say that my smile wasn’t the type you may see on a toothpaste commercial…My mouth was very small, which meant that I had to get four teeth pulled before getting my braces put on. I still have two of those teeth in a small case on my dresser, which probably sounds a bit odd 😉 Five years after getting my braces removed, though, my teeth are SO much straighter, so that is a great benefit.

    I would definitely recommend brushing your teeth at least three times a day if possible, since as your doom-and-gloom “Plaque is the Enemy” handout suggests, food can easily get trapped between your braces and cause cavities to develop. As for what foods you CAN’T eat, that will differ depending on who you ask. Personally, I tried to avoid sticky food like taffy and gum, food that could get stuck in my braces like popcorn, and extremely crunchy food. Perhaps it was due to my strict follow-the-dentist’s-recommendations mindset that my brackets never came off and I never had any huge problems with my braces except for sore teeth and difficulty flossing. If you end up getting rubber bands, just beware–they can sometimes cause sores on the inside of your cheeks as they did with mine. Also, if you get a retainer after the whole braces ordeal is over, make sure to wear it diligently–otherwise, all the progress could reverse. To be honest, though, braces really aren’t as terrible as some people make them out to be. As for comfortable foods, stick with smoothies, rice and other grains, applesauce, baked potatoes, soup, ice cream, yogurt, and other such treats. Good luck with everything!

    • Goodness, you haven’t seen Frozen *jaw hanging*. Yup, I feel better on the belated front for sure 😉 .

      I’d say it’s perfectly befitting to congratulate me; it is due to a more self-assured mindset that I made the decision for the braces 🙂 .
      I am hoping that it turns out that way for me too: not as terrifying as everyone makes it to be. So far the pain hasn’t been over-bearing and this may sound strange, but I experience a strange feeling of satisfaction -these days- in putting time to taking care of myself. As far as the teeth-cleaning is going.. dare I say I am enjoying it!?
      I would have supposed your teeth souvenirs as strange, but alas, as someone who – at some stage – kept her horse’s removed tooth as a memoir. Yeah, it’s thrown out now.
      So rice is good to go? Hmm, I was “off” rice for such a long while, but I have been contemplating re-introducing it recently. Now’s a decent time I think.
      Thank you sooo much Kendra 🙂 !

  4. I’m 29 and I just got invisalign braces last month! I will say that reading over the “foods to avoid” list is what made my final decision not to get traditional braces. Haha jokes on me! You can eat whatever you want with invisalign, but you have to take the trays out first. The joke? You have to change the trays every 1-2 weeks (like getting braces tightened all the time) so sure you CAN eat anything but it hurts! It will all be worth it when we are all smiles though!

    • Wow, I had no idea invisalign braces was a thing. Weirdly enough; I’m not finding regular braces to be exactly painful when eating.. so far! A change every two weeks? Jeez.
      Oh and deciding on the braces: it had a lot to do with a newly impulsive side of me that I wasn’t aware existed 😉 .
      All the best girl ❤ … yeah we'll rock those beeeg smiles!

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