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Liebster award: deconstructing me

Miss Polkadot has quite the flair for getting a human to reveal their souls. Sounds crazy, but take my word for it. Remarkably enough she does it effortlessly, and as in this instance; has me fluttering with excitement at the prospect. Waiiit… am I the only human who squeals with pleasant surprise at being nominated for any award!?

The Liebster apparently comes along with a set of rules…

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post, let them know you chose them!

I am fantastically pathetic at following law and order (I think!), but let’s observe how we do in this situation, shall we.

11 hard and cold FACTS:

1. I’m the youngest sibling… the laat lammetjie … the spoilt rotten

2. This list is proving tremendously challenging for me to write out. I am inclined to disclose a million and one things; yet every fact that comes up is being rebuked as “over-sharing”.

3. I believe that I adore the frosty cold weather, until the weather turns really frosty and cold that is. Good heavens. So.cold. We’re constantly hanging around 7C !! I may be seriously contemplating taking up hibernation any day now. It’s incredible; in the depths of summer – one I easily lose memory of the grim reality of icy air.

4. I’ve been a horse-rider all my life. Even though I’ve stopped as off -8 months back, I continue to hold a sense of awe for the magnificent animal that is the horse. The vast array of skills they will boldly turn their hoof at for their rider! Poetry in motion… no creature is more the epitome.showjumpingpicture source

5. As much as I love heavy and captivating novels.. I have a particular fondness for Archie comics! After a mentally taxing day? A light, humorous read with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge – as they bicker over Carrot-top – is just what I need.

6. Ohhh, on the mind-track of light and humorous, how fantabulous is The Looney Tunes show!? I love it! I share a similar personality to Bugs Bunny 😉 .bugs bunnypicture source

7.  Snobbish expressions are the hugest turn-off for me. I know well the advice of not judging a book by it’s cover… but I’m sorry; a highty-tighty tilted nose automatically ignites an aloof reaction from me… until proven otherwise.

8. The scariest time in my life was being in a state of brain concussion for most of a day after a fall, landing on my spine. It was also appallingly embarrassing to absorb the information – upon quizzing the family in the evening – of how the period in the emergency room panned out with my doctor.what you don't knowpicture source


9. At one stage I was obsessed with gummies; sour worms were the standard favourite. Errrrh, ultimately I became sick of it..to the point of despising sweets of that context, despite my mouthful of sweet teeth… now enclosed in braces might I add. sour worms

                                                                                                                picture source

10. I am in -what I consider- desperate need of a hair salon visit. Nothing life-altering. A trim and side fringe is my go to.

11. The reason why I’m numbering these facts: I would inevitably continue to lose track of what number I am currently operating on. I’m not the best head for numbers, yet I’ve got a head full of them. Oh the irony!


1. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

The kind of question I always had trouble answering.. however, I’ve learnt that while I enjoy the majority of decadent mix-ins (cookies&cream, snickers bar etc.) I hold a tender spot for anything chocolate/hazelnut.gelato-ferrero/tirimisu


2. How many languages do you speak?

Not counting my ability to greet in French and bid farewell in Spanish!? Oh bummer. Hmmm, my Afrikaans is a teeny bit below average.. I can read Arabic fluently – yet understand approximately 5-10 words.  I love my English though 😉 .


3. Name three things always in your pocket/ purse/ bag.

As a slightly younger human, the idea of towing a bag around was revolting. Safe to conclude I have a very different view these years. Baby Lips! I cannot leave the house sans lip moisturizer. I posses an intense fear of dry-lip disease. Obviously my Blackberry, aaand hand cream usually travels with me.steve madden



4. Do you have any pets? If so: what are they called?

It is shocking really; from the girl who has always had multiple pets at any given stage.. bull calves, lambs, goslings, an orphan sparrow, horses..


bull calf

all I’ve got solely to my name right now – despite being surrounded by animals – is a young Alsation. Due to the obvious necessity of protecting her identity: you can call her “Bags”. The scenario that led to that nickname is un-bloomin-believable!


5. What is one thing everybody should know about you?

My bark is worse than my bite 😉 .


6. How would you describe yourself in three sentences?

Uhhh, this is tough one. Three words would have been a simpler assignment. I’m flying back through time to an image of sitting at my exam paper, deep in thought on a question that had my brain doing flip-flops. Once I set my mind to something, I’m not easily persuaded. Prior to setting my mind, I think out things fairly thoroughly. When my emotions are high -in agitation- the filter between brain and mouth is lost and I speak on impulse – which can be the death of me at times.


7. If you had to pick one cuisine to eat for the rest of your life which one would it be?

Whichever cuisine centres around fried insects. Oh wait, we’re being serious? My bad. I’d say Italian.. pizza, pasta, gelato, tiramisu.


8. What is your favourite movie of all times and why?

One movie 😯 !? This is treason. Buuut admittedly;  I do have bigGER love for Spirit, than the rest of them. Tangled is second in line though, so I am unable to refrain from giving it honourable mention.  Spiritpicture source

It basically comprises of everything that I love; freedom, mustangs, the wild west…  a story of friendship and an insurmountable bond – it always gets me tearing. Gosh I need to see it tonight again! For the 5th time at least.


9. Stealing this one: What is your food philosophy?

I haven’t given this much thought for the longest time. I’m very comfortable with responding to every craving (as can suitably be heeded to).. and learning to trust myself in the process.


10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I’d love to always be close to nature – in some way… whether it just be in the case of nearby hiking trails, or actually living in a country setting – not too far from the sea for walks – as I have been blessed to be. beach


11. Finish this sentence: My day wouldn’t be complete without…

prayers, peanut butter, lots of reading.

Baked sweet potato, topped with peanut butter and a peeled diced pearsweet potato

I had zero intention of capturing this “post-braces” meal the other day. After the first mouthful however, I shot up from my chair and sprinted down the passage to grab my phone, commanding the brother to “guard my meal” .. upon to which he retorted, “who would mess with that?”

Well what does he know!? Because this mix of flavour’s and textures blew my mind.


My questions

1. How many nicknames do you have? Tell me one – at the least.

2. Your favourite pj’s: the print? the texture? the color?

3. Are you comfortable to be seen in public with said pj’s?

4. What temperature of weather are you most content with? Apparently there are humans across the ocean who call 16C “sizzling”…

5. Is there a creature who never fails to mesmerize you with qualities of power, beauty, elegance?

6. What sport do you ‘secretly’ believe you would have excelled in if you had taken it up?

7. Explain your current relationship/stance on gummy candies.

8. Favourite drink in chilly, hernia-inducing weather?

9. Loud, striped knee-length fluffy socks.. YAY or NAY?

10. Reveal your favourite day of the week, and why.

11. As well as your memory serves – what is the longest period of time you’ve slept in one stretch?

And here’s where I become an outlaw.. by nominating three peeps only. Whaaat? I’m not that popular!

As a birthday gift to Arman| thebigmansworld! Happy Birthday :p .

Kendra| veggiedancer

Aimee | healthypetite


8 thoughts on “Liebster award: deconstructing me

  1. I haven’t seen Spirit in forever! It was a great movie! I was never a fan of gummies…I was more of a peanut butter person. Hope you’re not too sore with the braces!

    • Aaah a fellow Spirit lover 😀 !!

      Thankfully; not even close to the level of pain I was expecting.. don’t want to speak too soon though! Thanks for checking up on me ❤ .

  2. Thank you very much for the nomination! I am currently working on answering all your questions, though it may take me a while since I tend to ramble while writing 😉 Still, except me to reveal the post within the next day or so! I love the Spirit movie as well, though I haven’t watched it in a while…Tangled is one of my sister’s favorite movies, and I find it quite amusing also. The only language I speak fluently is English, but since I’ve been taking Spanish classes for nearly two years at my community college, I can actually have a decent conversation in Spanish. It’s the conjugating verbs that tends to trip me up. As long as we are having conversations in the present tense, it’s all good! I love what your brother said about your sweet potato/pear/peanut butter combination–my siblings tease me all the time about my “weird vegan food,” but at least they do it in a friendly sort of way. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Rambles make for pretty fantastic reading, am I right!? Take your time though; I chipped away at things over a few days(!) before having it ready.
      Aahh Spirit is definitely a classic.
      Oh!..*high five* – rock the Spanish girl! Besides, its much better to live in the moment by focusing on the present 😉 .
      Yeahhh, its amusing – that everything I prepare is considered “weird”. Honestly? I wouldn’t have it any other way though.. if my siblings shared my tastebuds, I reckon I’d have to take to stashing my sweet potatoes in my bedroom.

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  4. Laat lammetjie?! That’s way too cute and I’m one of those, too. We say ‘Nesthäkchen’ over here but your expression is way more adorable.
    Now I might need to take a recommendation from you and watch Spirit because I actually think I haven’t yet. Even though you know about my past horse-riding days and many of my favourite books growing up involved horses. Poetry in motion? I agree.
    A sport I think I’d have excelled in? I would like to pretend ballett was the answer to this. Maybe because it doesn’t involve balls/ rackets/ anything else I could possibly hurt myself or others with ;). Or actually because I’ve always envied the whole sophisticated nature of it wearing pretty tutus and tiptoed dancing.

    • Okay so I don’t think I’m capable of pronouncing the German term for it.. I tried right now; and let’s just say I’m glad you didn’t hear me 😉 .
      Yes! You will love Spirit! Actually, I am yet to hear from anyone that they didn’t enjoy Spirit… possibly due to the fact that they (correctly) assume I will poke them in the eye with a toothbrush.
      Oooh ballet; you would love the idea of pretty tutus 😀 .

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