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WIAW – em”brace”ing my options

You may have heard more than enough raving concerning the braces in my mouth; regardless, I have got good news and bad news. The bad news: I am far from done droning on the topic of these wire contraptions. The good news: I’ll be showcasing a recent day’s eats. And who doesn’t enjoy poking their nose into a fellow human’s plate!? Our hostess Jenn understands the psychological curiosity down to pat, hence her fabulous -world famous- invention.


Laying out Saturday’s brace-friendly eats for you.. starting with breakfast

Stove-top cooked oatbran with half a banana cooked in. Yogurt stirred through once cooled, layered with honey in a peanut butter jar.Port Elizabeth-20140607-00121I can’t lie – while I have come to a place where I thoroughly enjoy eating – the braces have removed an ounce of that sensory pleasure from the act of eating. Its complex to aptly describe; while I undoubtedly enjoyed every mouthful of food that passed my lips (as you would when hungry), on that particular day I was more in discomfort and disinclined to get too chewy. So Oat bran.. I’m kind of certainly crushing on it right now. The heartiness, that fluffiness, and the mildly sweet-ish oaty flavour – big love. Oh and I’d like to grab a moment to appreciate the fantastically comforting effect it has on my tummy ❤ .


Random confession: I have a subconscious fear of devoting myself to a long shower, only to coming dangerously close to passing out due to intense hunger. Therefore; pre-shower fuel is a necessity.

I was very cold, slightly peckish, yet pathetically unmotivated to chew.

Hot Chocolatehot chocolate

I’m all about food and drink that provides an internal belly hug.

From being a lover of constant snacking, it’s interesting that I am entertaining the idea of eating more, less often. I am yet to put that into play; old habits die hard and such jazz. In the meantime.. lunch part 1

Oven-baked potato topped with butter, tinned flaked tuna, and a healthy dusting of paprika and pepper.lunch -baked potatoThe thing is,  with braces I am becoming fond of “simplicity” in meals.. a mix of foods that do not have a million and one things going, allowing each element of flavour to shine respectively, while being easy on the mouth. It is my belief that the above meal was so remarkably, utterly complete, that the addition of anything more would have altered the balance that deemed it a pleasure to consume. On another note: I presume I would have failed to take the plunge in baking up a regular ol’ pot if it wasn’t for the braces. Remember my crave from wayyy back? Seriously though, why was I not warned about the little hitch of how lengthy a period white potatoes require in the oven!? Jee willikers.

Lunch part 2

Chocolate mousse smoothie with a big handful of spinach thrown inchocolate mousse smoothie

This exact smoothie every.single.day. And no desire to switch things up just yet! I find it fascinating, the method in which my mind has changed comprehending over my meals. Prior to braces – while I was totally comfortable with full-fat dairy in desserts and such – I saw no reason in using it in my smoothies. Why did I need to concern myself about keeping full for a long period when there’s snacking? Well now that I’ve experienced the state a smoothie takes on with full-fat milk? Uhm yeah, not going back. I love how “nourished” I feel after consuming this chocolate potion 😀 .


Avocado quesadilla, salt & pepper scramble eggs in coconut oil, orange juicedinner-scrambled eggs

I am getting a thrill throwing the term quesadilla around to describe my humble -yet delicious- mashed avo filled multi-grain wrap. The method of eating? tear of itty-bitty piece by piece 😉 . I can’t quite fathom how innocently fuss-free this meal appears in picture. Would you believe it to be the meal that required the most effort in preparing?! The proof is in the pudding glass folks! That just happens to be freshly squeezed oranges -on a last minute whim- when I spotted the bag of citrus on the counter.. I COULDN’T WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THE APPRORIATE MANNER TO GET IT IN MY BELLY. Oh well, juice form turned out to be a winner.



Baked sweet potato topped with cinnamon, smooth peanut butter and chunky homemade applesauce.supper- sweet potato

Oh myyy gahhh… this. This was fabulous. I was keen to repeat a similar story on my last “first” trial, and discovered the sad state of a pear-less dwelling. Well and good though; applesauce –homemade and chunky– proved an even better contender. I went back for seconds on the applesauce.. a freshly cooked-up batch is addicting. I’m not alone on that.

As the days go by, I am positively becoming better acquainted with having braces and becoming bolder with my food choices (within reason).


Night snackage

Savoury spinach bakesnack- spinach bake

Along with a few bites of a homemade tortilla that escaped the camera.


That was the past Saturday in food fit for a slightly uncomfortable mouth – delicious, nutritious, and easy on the teeth.


Tell me something you’re enjoying every single day and can’t get enough of.


8 thoughts on “WIAW – em”brace”ing my options

  1. I make the same breakfast (as long as I have bananas) everyday and cannot get enough of it. I take a whole wheat wrap and fill it with peanut butter, jelly and a banana. I seriously could eat this for every meal and…of wait I would get board…but everyday for breakfast is great! I also have been loving the avocado/vegan cream cheese combo on my bagels recently. I don’t know what it is but it’s a train I can ride!
    If you need any go-to braces recipes don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

    • Mmmhmm and no wonder!.. those are two of the greatest combos on Earth.
      Thanks Ellie.. I might just take you up on that 🙂 . Oh and since you are quite the veteran, how would dried fruit fare with the braces? Mum went and stocked up on all my faves.. then bam! realized the braces conundrum a touch too late. I’m slightly wary of attempting though..

  2. Just yes to every single food here! And dear lord… the fun times I remember with braces! Luckily my teeth were already pretty straight, they just needed a little fix so they weren’t on for long, but still, I feel your pain. Ugh massive sweet potato peanut butter cravings now! I know what I will be eating at some point today!
    Right now I can’t get enough of carob! I used to hate carob, but since I can’t have chocolate anymore (the caffeine affects me) I have been exploring my options and found a good carob bar that I love! Never thought I’d say that!

    • Fun times? Good thing I can’t “hear” the sarcasm those words contain 😉 . I’ve got 2 years.. I’m trying to just enjoy the ride – we’ll see how that plan goes.
      Amazing how a food can grow on you huh. It’s fabulous that you’ve found a good chocolate replacement (and loving it); a life without chocolate does not sound good!

  3. Can I just say I’m a smidgen proud it was me convincing you to try oat bran?! (: Honestly, isn’t it awesome? So that’d be a food I have every single day and can’t get enough of.
    By the way: I wouldn’t mind some more details on that spinach bake because it’s intriguing me. And you know I enjoy some veganizing challenges ;).

    • Be very proud 🙂 .. after all it was your gentle, yet firm nudging that did it.
      The spinach bake was the result of a considerate relative; I’m not too sure the procedure, but I do know that there’s egg, flour, spinach among others. Oh and things get blended up if I’m correct…

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