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Tears of pain…we will cry together

Living as one special component in a large family – close and extended – I can tell you that as true as family being a great blessing, it is also a constant endeavour of trying to keep a harmonious balance between humans as different as day and night. Gorgeously rocky I’ll say that much. There’s always those that irk you.. those that you can never seem to agree with matters on.. several whom while having a fairly pleasant standing with – there will be squabbles; at times in the name of fun, at times deadly serious – always a form of bettering our understanding of one another and strengthening our love. We don’t often reflect on how much we depend emotionally on one another.. until adversity.

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We don’t need to experience the pain to feel what they going through. Differences aside,  arguments forgotten; we need one another. The waves of sadness and worry run through us as one.. we search for strength and comfort by a simple meeting of eyes.

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In moments of hardship, the love and bond of a family glows like a bright star against a dark sky. I realize the power of love.. to love unconditionally and get through it together. To be strong, for myself and for those around me. To have faith – it will work out.

Amanda welcomes all sorts of random thoughts in her Thursday jamboree. Better late than never!



4 thoughts on “Tears of pain…we will cry together

    • Its incredible – the fact that when one suffers, in some way it has in impact on all of us, whether we intend it to or not. And the support and care coming from all directions.. a comforting feeling.
      Life has its challenges, hey. Things will work out 🙂 . Thank you Amanda; hugs – virtual or physical – always better the circumstances ❤ .

  1. I honestly can say that some families just cannot get along. I am glad you are fortunate that your family is able to find balance and peace within itself…however, mine is not. We are all just too different and being together is stressful. It gets better when we are out of the house (I will be in TWO WEEKS!) but when we are all stuck together it gets rocky. I can honestly say we do not need each other to be happy.

    • Hahaa well when the whole lot of us are in one place I know things get…iffy. But that’s the marvellous thing! While we can agree we don’t need to be with one another on the constant to be happy, we need the support of one another when life knocks one of us down. In the midst of painful reality – its a good feeling to know that with family, you’re always loved and they’re the ones that basically “feel your pain”. However, I understand it’s different with everyone.. and I hope the stress lets up soon on your end 🙂 .

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