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Listen up!

About 2-3 days ago, my body yelled at me to “Listen up” in the form of crazy amped-up hunger cues – yet again. Mulling over circumstances, I see it as a long time coming. Well, if you could count 6-7 days as lengthy. In terms of whether one is fuelling sufficiently or not, I believe it is. Since the famed braces have been set up and I admitted to experiencing less of a desire to eat around the clock as I enjoyed previously, my daily dose of noshing remained notably similar to last week Saturday’s featured eats; all in the name of quelling the hunger, pleasing the palate, and most importantly going easy on the mouth for the tentative first days. It may appear as enough food, but I’m taking my body’s word for it that it most assuredly wasn’t…

  • Skin acting up. I would never have believed it, yet after observing the pattern time and again, my problem-free skin definitely acts up after just a few days of less than optimal amounts for my body.
  • Brain fog. I’m not awake, I’m not asleep – rather a fine balance in between the two that results in a slighhht zombie state through the entire day. Its easy to brush off, but I’m very really aware of it and have come to conclude that it is in fact a cause of concern.
  • Limb lethargy. Don’t argue.. that is a thing.  Not to an extreme extent as in those early recovery stages,; it drops to a level where you realize you lack the usual “spring” in your step and stamina in regular 20 min. walks. Not a pleasant sensation.

It would make sense, now that I’ve grown remarkably comfortable with my braces – where it feels very much part of my mouth- my body wants all the food. I honestly haven’t stepped on a scale since my lowest weight (the scale never featured as a motivator for deeper destruction as is common – but that’s another story), so I don’t really care where I stand in that regard. Previously, this situation would have called for an emergency panic attack; eeek! I need to plan in another snack… what will I eat, when?? … more broccoli, more carrots?? Uhm yeah, no. My hunger is up, my eating is all over the show, there’s two breakfasts and several lunches, along with dinner and supper.. I have nothing to stress over as far as eating is concerned, just following the hunger cues. It feels good. I’m not going to berate myself for hitting the wrong notes for a while.. I’m going to be proud that I’ve come this far, where I can trust my body and listen.

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5 thoughts on “Listen up!

  1. I love that you used the word “supper”! I have met no one other than myself and Pippin from Lord of The Rings that has used that word in the past one hundred years 🙂

    • Wha 😯 ? Hahaa, well hear this (it’s bound to make your day) : on this end of the world we only use the word supper. “Dinner” came about after entering the blog world 😀 .

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