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We don’t need to justify our actions for the world, but in the name of fun: I’m disclosing underlying reasoning to my eats the pass Sunday. Joining the What I Ate Wednesday bash at Jenn’s place, because sharing my meals – without having you literally swiping food off my plate and earning a fist in the face – makes me happy.



Starting the day of with a hug in a mug…

vanilla latte

vanilla latte

because I’m a wimp in the freezing cold (3-5C) and nothing warms me up like a bunch of dextrins and sugar 😉 . Seriously, how does it result in a such frothy deliciousness with an ingredient list of that calibre 😯 !?


Taking a break from my role as an ardent “swirler” in favor of layering…

Oatmeal with half a banana and a spoonful of coconut oil stirred in after cooking, layered with yogurt and cinnamon, topped with Peanut butter and strawberry jam.

oatmeal- layered


because “variety is the spice of life”, <- do I have that right? and  believe it or not, I woke up with a vision of Amanda’s hypnotizing bowl from awhile back. Coming off a 2 week long Oat bran rendezvous, I experienced a sudden lusting for my first love on that particular day. Hit.the.spot. Allow me a second to express my grievance at having to -learn- to live without CRUNCHY peanut butter.


A sad depiction of an utterly glorious combination…

Butter & honey sandwich with a mug of piping hot Rooibos tea

butter & honey

because I am more interested in getting the food to my face, than bothering to play with it in order to capture things at its most enticing angle.


Deliberating that the most effort I am willing to devote into lunch is the act of sautéing spinach..

lunch- casserole

Cheesy spaghetti casserole

because leftovers are spectacular. More so when you didn’t cook it to begin with 😀 .


Winging it for an early afternoon snack…

butternut fries using coconut oil, honey & peanut butter

butternut fries using coconut oil, honey & peanut butter

because I had no clue to my exact cravings. A silent squeal of delight at how perfectly this mixture of flavours and textures pleased my tastebuds.


An early dinner of takeout…

grilled hake and veggies

grilled hake and veggies

because that’s how I -prefer to- roll. There are times in life whence I need veggies drowning in some buttery concoction, laden with enough spices and salt to transform them into something else.. a delicious something else nevertheless.


Diverting from my daily dose of “chocolate mousse smoothie” to a plain ol’ chocolate smoothie come evening…

recycled pic

recycled pic

because it figures my family would become obsessed with avocado’s overnight, inevitably resulting in an unpleasant situation of “avo-less”. Guys! I have become so spoilt with the addition of creamy avo in my smoothies; I almost wept at the lack of.


A lullaby in the form of food cake….

vanilla sponge

vanilla sponge

because sleep is only sound when satisfied. And eating will forever trump sleeping pills *cough* . This beauty was freshly baked by Mum.. with love. Naturally, I swooped back in for another slice… because, it tasted good 🙂 .

Happy eating people!


Are you a fan of avocado in smoothies?

What is your preferred method of cooking veggies on a daily basis?


10 thoughts on “WIAW..because

  1. Ahhh isn’t comfy seriously a hug in a mug?! I’m home for a few days and my parents have a fancy italian espresso machine. You better believe I’ve been taking advantage of that haha! How do you usually make your vanilla lattes :)?

    • “On point” describes them perfectly! They don’t always reach such a glorious degree of perfection – but on that day; they tasted very much on point 🙂 .

  2. Loooove avocados in smoothies! And in/on anything really. Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with pairing them with Popchips, so I tend to go through them at lightning speed. I’m okay with this 😀 And you know I totally support the idea of not having to justify your meal choices… As long as you feel good and satisfied, what the heck else matters?!

    • It is only a matter of time before the chip dunking avocado idea will do a bewitching move on me, I reckon 😉 .
      And that is one of the million and one reasons I love you: food freedom, yess 😀 !

  3. I have become a roasting queen as of late. I just chop up whatever veggie I have, douse it in oil, salt and pepper and roast it for about twenty minute. It’s so delicious! I’ve never had avocado in smoothies before. I always forget about that ingredient =-P

    • The Roasting Queen is a lovely title to hold 🙂 ..that said, I need to do a simple salt&pepper roast soon – it’s been ages.
      Just a 1/4 of an avo does magic to the creaminess and thickness; try it sometime!

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