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Aunt Suzy

Aunt Suzy, Aunt Flo; its apparent we hold a great degree of respect for her(!?).. justifiably so too, as periods require a great degree of respect from ourselves to our bodies in order to function optimally. You can determine where my thoughts are going – head for the hills before I gross you out if you feel it necessary 😉 . Honestly? I’m not sure how smart of a move revealing my brains contents regarding this matter out loud would prove to be. What I do know is that I’m sick of entertaining discussions on this with myself, and why should I when our fantabulous Thursday host will gladly tolerate all sorts of randomness?

I was blessed with my first period sometime after my 12th birthday, and proceeded to have a healthy operating system for about 2 years before things went MIA – under the pressure of anorexia – for +4 years. I took for granted the problem-free arrival of Aunt Suzy every month like clockwork, while I would observe other’s dealing with major tummy cramping and an overall unwell feeling. till it's gonepicture source

I had assumed all along that a return would be instantly celebrated,  but on the contrary I am boggled. Which states the obvious fact: I do have a period. For the fourth time at least. No I was not holding out on you guys on a milestone in recovery.. I was simply driven to confusion by the overall scheme of things, unsure if I was actually having a period. I had no idea that it could be so complicated, having not come across anyone’s experience on this as being anything other than straightforward; either having periods, or not. Lacking in realness and intensity (unlike what I had grown accustomed to in those years), I would believe that it’s my body’s attempts at returning to a normal “program”.  Its here every month.. well, the past four months and all the signs seem to align to what a genuine period is like. I think. I didn’t expect it this month to tell the truth; as ignorant as I am off my weight and the scale, I’m smart enough to be “aware” of a little loss of flesh- a combination of worry, busyness and the discomfort following the braces. I would put it down then to a spontaneous stint of laziness that cut down physical activity to daily living, not a step more. And what do you know? She comes around this month again.. still very “polite” and unusual, but I’ll take it.

Ladies, I would LOVE if you could chime in on any experience you’re willing to share in giving a better understanding of periods returning!?


3 thoughts on “Aunt Suzy

  1. Oh periods and hormones — they were the bane of my existence in recovery. There was never any confusion for me surrounding whether I was having one or not, but I -do- know that it took them a while to normalize, so maybe that’s just what your body is doing now? If you’re concerned, it would probably be best to talk things over with your doctor — he/she would be able to give you the best advice!

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