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I prided myself in my oblivion to cravings; unable to comprehend how anyone could experience a specific “craving” for a particular food. What is this cravings you speak of? I’m above that. Turns out.. cravings were actually out of my league, due to it’s flame being distinguished under my need for power(<-said in my best Zira imitation) control, resulting in stringent rules and regulations in the simple act of eating.

Its hard to believe that – after attempting to fight it for some time – I’ve come to the point of being quite literally, a dangling puppet to my commanding cravings. You can only substitute cream cheese on toast for milk-tart (when it’s bloomin’ staring at you) for so long. So I would say, if you don’t crave anything ever… be concerned. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, yesterday – a simple glance of these bars at Amanda’s sent my craving responsiveness into overdrive. Perhaps partly down to it being that time of the month (squeee yay!), but boy I had it baaad. I lazily tried to entice my mind at petty -speedy- replacements, but it all fell flat in my mind’s eye. Ultimately, not too long after: this happened..

granola bars

Mmmhmm yesss, I am a slave to my cravings.

It’s not always smooth sailing though. Today, for some reason unknown to man; had my arteries twisted in an anxious knot. I was hungry, AND I was craving a thingymabob that I could not pinpoint. This usually is a slightly disastrous state for me to be in, and like other times, my instinctive uncontrollable response was to eat all over the place. In a space of four hours I dined on some pasta, roasted butternut, a taste of peanut butter, some chocolate, a bite of a donut…then a little more pasta. I’m not going to lie, I was not the happiest with my less than ideal setup. I would have been pleased if I had followed some structure or pattern, instead of throwing caution to the wind and mixing everything up. What helped in quelling the anxiety from blowing my mind was the satiety that followed. Surely, such a content response meant that I had in fact done the right thing in honouring mind and body? All I wanted was to be satisfied enough to carry on.. and that’s how events unfolded. I felt good, I had eaten enough – albeit “loosely” – and I can get on with my day without obsessing over something I should have eaten.


Do cravings dictate what you eat?

Ever crave a “thingmabob”?







6 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. Girl, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had the most random dinners because I could not decide what I wanted! Cereal/leftover steak/chocolate…. my cravings can get carried away sometimes haha! And mhmm to Amanda’s bars! She makes the best recipes!

    • So reassuring to hear 🙂 .. it’s a good sensation to nail those cravings; I’d like to without a side of anxiety though. It’ll get better I suppose..
      Yeahh Amanda is a genius. Almost everything I ever make is one of her creations 😀 .

  2. I actually don’t get cravings very often! I sort of just always know what I want to eat. I wonder if that’ll change as I start to introduce new foods, etc… but yes I struggle with the indecisiveness of what to eat. Oh and I LOVE those bars too!

    • Hmm, perhaps they will develop over time?.. who knows? Cravings are definitely a good thing though; the euphoria of satisfying them makes the anxiety have considerably little impact.
      Eek, those bars ❤ . I'm seeing another batch in my near future 😉 .

  3. I do get cravings sometimes and feel out of control. Usually it occurs when I’ve been doing something and gone too long without eating. I get shaky because my blood sugar gets too low and I know I need to eat. Then I get ravenous. Its really anxiety producing lol. However, I get through it and plan better for the next day. IT happens and I hate it, but it’s part of life 🙂 Thanks for being so honest!

    • Hey. that’s kinda how it rolls for me: the ravenous (without food for too long), because yes, three hours is clearly wayyy too long for me 😉 .
      “It happens and I hate it, but it’s part of life.” <- true that. And bloomin' better than denying a food we're craving!

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