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WIAW..all in a day

I am what I’d call a spontaneous blogger. Blogging without a schedule ensures I am always enjoying the chance to share with others the insanity residing within my soul. And of course I love subjecting others to my incessant rambling 🙂 . That said, it was last a minute choice (as is my usual) to share Sunday’s eats at the world-renowned party her fabulousness Jenn never fails to throw every week.


Allow me a confession before proceeding: I actually failed to photograph every meal on Sunday.. but I’ve got most of it, since I instinctively felt compelled to capture all the pretty processed fare, which comprised the majority of that day’s fuel. I am not intending to advocate or encourage tons of  “junk” foods. I am all for as healthy a balance as one is comfortable with. The only reason I was never majorly into fast food was because I wasn’t craving it back-to-back. Well what happens on a random day when mainly “unhealthy” sustenance sound appealing? While this day is not a regular occurrence, it is a day I am proud off as it goes down in history as a successful day of following my intuition.

Starting off the day with a wholesome breakfast makes me tremendously happy..

oatmeal- breakfast

Regular -magical- oatmeal bowl

Pardon the recycled pic; just doing my bit with the whole eco-friendly thing. Our yogurt-well having run dry meant the bowl was a little sadder than usual. Black coffee [in hiding] on the side.

Shopping is not complete without a coffee date/ Mum & daughter QT

Chocolate Chai steamer

Chocolate Chai steamer

This was as delectable as it appears, if not more so. The upside to having braces I guess; reaching out to “adventurous” drinks to satisfy the sweet tooth teeth. I would aptly describe this potion as a spicy hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and tons of cinnamon.

Part of lunch on the way home..

bbq puffs

Crack ❤

Crunchy chips are out of the question — but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Anyone acquainted with the addictiveness that is sweet & spicy bbq puffs?? I may have munched my way halfway through the bag (serving size be damned), settled at the back of a van – with the wind in my face 🙂 – for the trip home.

Lunch at home was quick and uncaptured: a hummus multigrain tortilla wrap with a side of [well] cooked broccoli.


For some reason – I cannot for the life of me imagine why 😉 – the family wanted to treat me.

red velvet, vanilla, coconut, strawberry froyo

red velvet, vanilla, coconut, strawberry froyo

I entertained the idea – for a good solid 5 min. – of suing the company for NOT being equipped with a flavour that even closely resembled something “cake batter-y” or “chocolate-y”. Oh and I doubt there’s a creature out there who opts for froyo sans toppings? Braces would do that.

A one-two punch of salt, to soak up the sugar(?)..

Chip & Dip!

Chip & Dip!

Jumping jiminy crickets! I was missing out all along! Why didn’t you tell me how stupendously phenomenal regular fries really are?! Okay so you tried, I’ll give you that much. Coated in salt, THEN slathered in sweet chilli sauce because… ketchup is overrated I despise ketchup. My taste buds are just incapable of getting past that icky-ness. I assumed I was alone on that.. thank goodness for laat lammetjies coming clean then 😉 .

Honestly, I expected myself to be freaking out by now… I mean, I am at a good place with honouring cravings and such – yet without the excuse of “extreme hunger” to fall back on and blame – I had to accept that I really wanted all those treats. In one day. That I was not craving my usual suspects.. and that I am not above “fast food” now and then.

A bedtime snack of a banana and a few spoonful’s of peanut butter straight from the jar occurred, which frankly – seemed rather mundane to bother playing with for a photo shoot.


Happy Eating folks!


Do you prefer to “schedule” in treats, or eat as the craving hits?

Ketchup: love or hate?

Ever had Chip & Dip? Gosh they make thee best fries ever! What would your dip of choice be?




6 thoughts on “WIAW..all in a day

  1. This looks like a pretty epic day of food – do you mind if I join you and we can eat good food together everyday? No but seriously, I wish you lived in Australia! I am even willing to overlook the fact that you don’t eat your oats hot (although I love your intricate cooking method and want to try it out myself), which could be a breach to our friendship, as I NEED my food to be scorching. I feel like you’re having such a tough time with your braces – when I had mine, by the second day I was back to eating normal foods again! I even ate apples, chewed gum and everything (which you aren’t supposed to do, but what can I say, I’m a rebel). I actually work at a Frozen yoghurt shop, so I was delighted you had some! Interesting flavour combination I must say. Atm at work we have original, hazelnut (both are stevia sweetened and SO good), coconut, spirulina, mango and salted caramel. Whenever customers come to the counter without toppings I always give them such a hard time! (… another breach of our friendship!).
    Oh gosh, I used to love hot chips so much. The really fat, salty ones (I have no time for stringy french fries). This is going on the foods to eat list!

    • Aah Australia would be on the other end of the world hey! Bummer. The fact that you’re working at a froyo place – with hazelnut and salted caramel(!) – has me seriously contemplating pitching up there 😉 .
      Jee whizz, scorching hot 😯 ?! Have you ever tried them cooled down, or better yet – cold!? Regardless, we wouldn’t let that stand in the way; I’d just have to prep my bowl before the time if we’re planning on breakfasting together 😀 .
      Apple? Raw apple? And gum.. eeek. I actually swore off -raw- apples and carrots for the two years. We’ll see how that pans out.
      Get the chips on your list, and ticked off soon girl 🙂 it’s too good to prolong .

  2. Us laat lammetjies just know what’s good and what’s not, no?! Though don’t hate me for admitting I don’t like sweet chili sauce, either. Unless it’s very different from sweet and sour sauce, not quite as sweet and something I haven’t tried yet.
    I feel we need to catch up over Chocolate Chai steamers… soon. But you already know I feel we live to far from each other so there’s that.
    Regarding the treats I’ve never tried to schedule them but just thinking about that concept seems wrong to me. How in the world would I know I’ll be craving say, a bowl of ice cream, on Sunday? Or what if I’m already craving it come Thursday but have to wait three more days? No, I’m up for eating what I want when I want it and I’m glad we agree on this one. (:

    • Yes! We do 😀 .
      Hmmm, sweet chilli is spicy-sweet – definitely not sour. But I understand you’re not crazy over condiments.
      OH! The chocolate chai had your name all over it – the rich spiciness was akin to Lindt Chilli.
      Going with flow of cravings is utterly pleasurable yes. I had the habit of planning a treat for the evening of the day and such – instead of what I’m hankering for in the moment. Much happier right now I’d say 🙂 .

  3. yummy!!! i must ask, how do you mak ethe chocolate chai steamer??? it looks absolutely to die for!

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